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Saturday, February 16, 2008

How Do You Know It's Time for Bed?


I keep my stitch markers in a tooth fairy box. My boys are way too old to need it anymore and it is just the right size. It sits on my table next to my knitting chair and silently waits upon my call, like a well trained servant should.

Last night I burned the midnight oil.

Until it burned me back, in the form of a splitting headache.

I reached for the aspirin bottle.

Have you ever noticed that an aspirin tablet is roughly the same shape and circumference as a medium size stitch marker?

You can see where this train wreck is going, can't you?

Yep, next thing I know, I swallowed a stitch marker.

I took it as a sign. It was time to haul my tired carcass upstairs to bed.

So I got 20 rows into the diamond panel, 92 to go.

And I reached my happy place. You know, that place or time when the last pieces fall into place and go, "CLICK"

And all is right with the world.

Even if you do have a headache and a stitch marker in your stomach.

I considered a trip to the emergency room, but decided the medical types would never understand how this happened. And besides, I had knitting to do!

(I think this takes internalizing your work to a whole new level)

In the original design, the center diamond was separated from the main pattern by two twisted stitches. I changed it up for a traveling stitch, then I decided, if one traveling stitch was good, two would be even better! That way it would mirror the twisted stitches running up the sides of the piece.

(I think it was my inner genius talking, but it could have been my inner stitch marker.)

Last piece? A bead placed in the dip between the two lines.


Just like that. No more dithering. No more modifications.

Happy, happy, happy...

More pics on Sunday. Stay tuned...


Donna Lee said...

I hope it was a little stitch marker.

Pat K said...

I'm still laughing at "internalizing your work". Hope you suffer no ill effects. Did the stitch marker work better than an aspirin?

Anonymous said...

:::pout::: I can't see the images using either Safari or Firefox.

EGunn said...

Hmm...if all it takes to be inspired is an inner stitch marker, I have a whole pile of them sitting on my knitting table. =)

I don't think that a little stitch marker would be worth a trip to the ER, and you're so right that they'd just never get it.

I can't see the pics either, and I use internet explorer...

Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

If you start keeping track of your stitches terribly well you never known, you might be on to something!
The piccies are hiding from me too - I'm looking forward to seeing them after you've slept :)

vi said...

i can't see the pictures

and on the stitch marker.....
well like corn.....this too shall pass

i crack me up


Gina said...

Given what the dogs have consumed in their time...I would imagine that the stitch marker will make its way through the digestive track...let's just hope that has a successful journey!!

amy said...

No sweat on the stitch marker. My kid swallowed a rock, remember? And that came through just fine, in, oh, about two days. :) And judging by the hits I get on my blog for "child swallowed rock" it's fairly common. A stitch marker is just a wee bit of a thing...

PS I hope you had a good night's sleep!!

Anonymous said...

As long as you don't have plans to retrieve the stitch marker....I suspect this story will have a happy ending lol! The pictures are simply divine btw; you are doing a fantastic job of making me drool!