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The Fellowship of the Ring Series

Fellowship of the Ring

Patterns are available for purchase 3 ways:

Comprehensive Series E-book - $60
all 13 patterns

Mini collection E-books

Wee Wonders $18
four small accessory patterns
Bag End, Goldberry, Rivindell, & Bombadil

Traveling Togs $22
four cabled patterns
Argonath, Dwarrowdelf, Lothlorien, & Strider

Elven Delicacies $25
four lace patterns
Evenstar, Galadriel's Mirror, Legolas, & Mithril

Individual Purchase
prices as listed

Evenstar  $8
circular beaded shawl - laceweight

Legolas $6
lace shawlette - fingering
Rivendell $6
lace smoke ring -fingering

Goldberry $6
lace scarf - fingering

Dwarrowdelf  $8
lace stole - fingering

Strider $6
unisex cowl or hood - worsted

Bombadil $6
fair isle & twisted stitch tam - fingering

Weathertop -free
lace scarf - worsted

Bag End $6
felted mosaic stitch mushroom (tote) bag - worsted
 Galadriel's Mirror $8
lace & twisted stitch shawl - fingering

Argonath $8
densely cabled stole - DK weight
 Lothlorien $8
cabled cape - DK weight

Mithril $10
beaded lace vest - fingering