women of a certain age are like sunflowers; they know how to turn their faces to the sun.

Lord of the Rings Collection

One Series to Rule Them All

When the cold of Winter comes
Starless night will cover day
In the veiling of the sun
We will walk in bitter rain
But in dreams
I still hear your name
And in dreams
We will meet again
When the seas and mountains fall
And we come, to end of days
In the dark I hear a call
Calling me there
I will go there
And back again

Words and music by Fran Walsh and Howard Shore,
Based on the song for the Entwives by Tolkien.

I have finally pulled this whole mess into a semblance of order. So many ideas...I haven't been this excited in ages!

I have decided to divide the patterns by the book/movie they come from; a trilogy of knitting!

Fellowship of the Ring

Evenstar  $8
circular beaded shawl - laceweight

Legolas $6
lace shawlette - fingering
Rivendell $6
lace smoke ring -fingering

Goldberry $6
lace scarf - fingering

Dwarrowdelf  $8
lace stole - fingering

Strider $6
unisex cowl or hood - worsted

Bombadil $6
fair isle & twisted stitch tam - fingering

Weathertop -free
lace scarf - worsted

Bag End $6
felted mosaic stitch mushroom (tote) bag - worsted
 Galadriel's Mirror $8
lace & twisted stitch shawl - fingering

Argonath $8
densely cabled stole - DK weight
 Lothlorien $8
cabled cape - DK weight

Mithril $10
beaded lace vest - fingering

The Two Towers
In Dreams $9
beaded semi-circular shawl
NOT INCLUDED IN $60 subscription
highly textured lace stole in Rowan Fine Milk Cotton

*Barad Dur $6
shawlette in Rowan Panama

*Mere $8
beaded lace stole in Sanguine Gryphon Gaia lace

Tree Beard $6
lace shoulder wrap in Alchemy Silken Straw

Balrog $6 
(mosaic cowl/hood in String Theory Caper Sock)

Helm's Deep $8
 (steampunk slip stitch shawl in 3 colors MadelineTosh sock)


Rohan $8
wrapped fair isle cape in Knit Picks Palette

Emyn Muil $8
cabled lace kerchief in MadelineTosh Lace

 Ringwraith $8
lace stole in Blue Moon Geisha - Raven Clan
(this was just a swatch in different color)

Eowyn (twisted stitch. lace up gauntlets in Woolen Rabbit sock ) $6
*Eleventy Seven (lace scarf in black metallic handspun) $6
Elven Woods (lace ruana/tunic in Unique Sheep Gradiance) $8

*new patterns not included in Xmas gift certificate - available as an add on package for $15

Return of the King
Elessar (triangular or semicircular mystery shawl KAL)
Gandalf ( lace shawlette)
Varga (beaded cashmere mitts)
 Minas Tirith (mosaic hat)
Samwise (cabled cowl)
Arwen (lace)
Gimli (mod. stole)
Green Dragon (intarsia mittens)
Requiem (deeply textured hood)

Final Mystery KAL
One Ring (circular lace shawl)