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Monday, June 13, 2011

Sneak Peek Saturday, er Sunday, er Monday! Yeah! That's the Ticket!

"Enthusiasm, like measles, mumps and the common cold, is highly contagious."

-Emory Ward

Lord, I sure do hope so!

I have been sick this past week with the cold that wouldn't die...

Started sniffling on Wednesday and still hacking the following Monday.

Puts a real crimp in a gal's social life, don't ya know.

But it does wonders for the WIP pile.

I holed up with a tall glass of juice, my two current projects, and a weekend long Friday Night Lights marathon, courtesy of Netflix.

And lo & behold, they are both ready to join Treebeard & the Mere in testing. YAY!

First out of the starting gate is the Mithril Vest, last pattern in the Fellowship series.

I would do a modeled shot, but have not done my hair since last Tuesday before the plague cold hit. It's not pretty folks...

All that is left is to weave in the ends & knit the I-cord for the closing tie. I have some knifty little gold "Tree of Life" pendants coming for the ends of the ties.

Going to lace the I-cord through the front edges for closure

Mithril is knit in one piece - only seaming is at the shoulders. It has optional beading on the front only.

All the glitches are knocked out of it, the sizing issues have been addressed satisfactorily and she is heading out the door to all the wonderful test knitters in a wide variety of sizes - Hallelujah!

Haven't been this excited to see something leave home since my brother-in-law got his own apartment - lol

close up of upper back lace

The other WIP is something y'all haven't seen before.

This is Isengard, a highly textured lace stole knit up in Rowan's Fine Milk Cotton, which is fingering weight.

Isengard is all about linear length, contrasted with circular motifs. The tension between the tall tower and the circle at its base.

I had to do it, folks. After all, if Tolkien had stopped with Barad Dur, it would have been the One Tower, no?

You remember when I said Two Towers subscribers would be getting a little surprise somewhere down the road?


This pattern will be emailed free of charge to all Two Towers subscribers, just as soon as my test knitters are finished with her.

The pattern will eventually become available for individual purchase for $8 at the end of the year. Till then, the pattern will be exclusive to Two Towers subscribers, as my way of thanking them for their faith in me.

Not too late to join the fun. Sign up over on the sidebar or on Ravelry...

Speaking of subscribers, Fellowship of the Ring subscribers should check their in boxes this week for a little surprise from me to you to make the wait for Mithril a little less frustrating. I have not forgotten you and I appreciate your patience.

Now, if y'all will excuse me (WOW! I need to stop watchin this Texas hoedown of a series)

I have patterns to write...


Anonymous said...

The Mithril Vest is stunning!

Amberpearl said...

Stunning, absolutely stunning. I'm picking my jaw up off the floor now.

So well worth the`wait, your design ability leaves me breathless

Rabbitknitz said...

Holy lace knitting, Batman--Mithril is AMAZING!! As a fan of your work, I have to say you have outdone yourself! Yowza!

Bliss said...

So beautiful! Just so I can be prepared, how much fingering weight yarn will be needed for Isengard? I can't wait to knit it! Thanks for your wonderful patterns!

Susan Pandorf said...

1200 yards