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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Two Towers

$60 subscription does NOT include In Dreams
$52 Christmas gift certificate DID include In Dreams

If you purchased the $52 gift certificate and now purchase the $15 add on you will pay $67 for all 12 patterns in the series.

If you purchased In Dreams for $9 and now wish to subscribe you will pay a total of $69 - $2 more than those who bought the gift certificate.

The point was not to offer a substantially better deal for those who purchased the gift certificate, but rather to provide a "one click" option for those knitters who wanted to put the series on their Christmas list.

I am very sorry for any confusion this has caused.

"War must be, while we defend our lives against a destroyer who would devour all; but I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend."

-Faramir in the Two Towers

Well, we are well on our way with the In Dreams KAL. Third clue comes out on Friday. We have over 650 lovely knitters participating in this Knit-a-long.

In Dreams

(beaded semi-circular mystery shawl in Unique Sheep Eos - Abalone Gradience) $9


MAY JOIN AT ANY TIME - full pattern available in June

Lothlorien is due any day now, Kalkette is finishing her neckband today. Then I will write it up & get it out to all of the Fellowship subscribers later this week, or early next.

And my Mithril vest is nearing completion & heading into testing this week. It has been a real challenge, but well worth the wait. I am so pleased with how it has turned our Barring disaster, I should get it into your hot little hands in April.

Those two patterns will complete the first year of the Lord of the Rings Collection: The Fellowship of the Ring series.

And you know what that means...

I get to lie down and call, "UNCLE"?

No silly...it means it is time to continue on our way with the next series of patterns.

The Two Towers

11 patterns - $76 if purchased separately

Helm's Deep

(shoulder warmer in Rowan Lima - Argentina) $6

Emyn Muil

( cabled lace kerchief in MadelineTosh Lace - Composition Book Grey ) $8


(lace stole in Blue Moon Geisha) $8

Raven Clan- Corvid?

or Spirits - Jengu?

You decide...

Tree Beard

(lace smoke ring in Alchemy's Silken Straw - Forest Waltz) $6


(mosaic cowl in String Theory Caper Sock - Java, Canyon, Garnet & Oban)$6


(red, green & gold fair isle cape in Knit Picks Palette - mixed reds & greens) $8


(twisted stitch. lace up gauntlets in Woolen Rabbit Harmony sock - Scottish Heather) $6

Elven Woods

(lace ruana, based on the leaf brooch & cloaks in Unique Sheep Verve - Mirkwood Gradience) $8

The following three new patterns were not included in my $52 Xmas gift certificate, as I had not yet added them to the series, but

they are included in the $60 Twin Towers subscription price.

Those who purchased the gift certificate may purchase these 3 patterns individually as they come out or may choose to add them on in advance at a discounted package price of $15

Barad Dur

(triangular shawlette in Rowan Panama - Tulip ) $6

features lace border with the eye of Sauron centered between the U shape prongs of the tower

following picture is a WIP - not blocked yet, but almost finished...


(beaded lace stole in Sanguine Gryphon Gaia lace - Sunflower Sutra) $8

panels of sinuous lace, divided by beaded sections, representing the will-o-wisps (lights) or "candles of corpses" as Gollum calls them

Eleventy Seven

(Fireworks lace scarf in Enchanted Knoll Farm's Black Magic Woman handspun) $6

All patterns will be available for download through Ravelry and here on the blog. Subscribers benefits include:

  • My endlessly entertaining (HAH!) personal messages by email full of tips & suggestions along with your download code. Unsolicited personal advice costs extra...
  • Personal email notification of all errata or other pattern related comments & questions
  • a savings of $16
  • no need to check the blog or Ravelry for pattern releases; be the first to know

I do not have a firm schedule for the patterns, beyond a commitment to the first coming out May 1st and the others following every 4-8 weeks. Some will obviously take longer than others.

I want to be flexible - if a pattern is ready to release in four weeks, I don't want to hold it until a certain date. Conversely, if a pattern takes eight weeks to complete, I don't want to be pushed into release before it is truly ready. I hope you will understand my reluctance to place firm dates upon the series. Creativity is hard to structure.

I can promise you we will be done by the end of April 2012 and then we will move on to the final installment - The Return of the King.

It has been a year filled with challenges, friendship, and some great knitting. I hope those who subscribed last year, have enjoyed the Fellowship patterns. I know I had a lot of fun dreaming them up.

I hope you will join our merry band of LotR lunatics as we venture onto the plains of Rohan and continue our heroic journey.

Forth Eorlingas!


Unknown said...

As one of the gift certificate purchasers I am a little upset that I am being asked to pay more for the whole collection ($67) than those purchasing the collection now ($60). To be fair, the add-on package for gift certificate purchasers should be $8.

Susan Pandorf said...

the $60 does not include the In Dreams KAL - the $52 gift certificate did - so if you purchase the add on you will pay $67 for all 12 patterns versus $69 now

dragon knitter said...

i had to think about it a little last night, but i figured it out. thanks for the clarification. i bought anyway, your patterns are divine, even if i never knit all of them

LeAnn said...

Is there a cut-off date for purchasing the patterns as a package?

Susan Pandorf said...

not for a long time...I am a notorious sucker for unhappy knitters. they contact me & say pretty please, can I still buy the subscription & I cave...lol...

artbysarada said...

Will subscriptions be open at least through May then? So excited about these, just trying to gather some funds. :) And yarn!

Unknown said...

if you purchased the $60 subscribtion will it include the three new patterns or do we need to purchase those separately and how do we do that? can't wait for the new patterns to be released. thanks for all your hard work..

Susan Pandorf said...

yes, $60 subscription includes all the patterns

Caroline said...

I purchased the whole collection and the add-on patterns. Now I see that you have given away Barad-dur with Mithril.

Susan Pandorf said...

Only to Fellowship subscribers because Mithril is so late in coming out.

Susan Pandorf said...

And Two Towers subscribers are getting Isengard pattern free of charge. I like to be kind and generous to others.