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Sunday, January 16, 2011

In Dreams Update!

"He felt that his whole life was some kind of dream and he sometimes wondered whose it was and whether they were enjoying it."

-Douglas Adams


In Dreams Mystery Shawl will be a full sized, half round shawl, inspired by Galadriel's crown from Lord of the Rings. Shawl is constructed in one piece, from center top out, with increases within the pattern, rather than on certain rows (like a Pi Shawl) or along the edges (like a triangular)

In Dreams will take 1260 yards of laceweight, and require an intermediate level of skill; no expertise required, just patience. Written & charted directions. Wrong side rows are, with a few exceptions, purled.

I am doing mine in Unique Sheep Eos in Abalone Gradience. I will include directions for working with the gradience (ie: when to change colors) The border is knit into last rows of the shawl, rather than knit around ( as Evenstar was) so no need to save your last skein for the border.

There will be optional beading on the wrong side of the entire shawl, so get your beads now. You wil be using them on the first clue. Bead count is 5000 - size 8/0 seed beads - this estimate includes extra so you have wiggle (or jeez, did I just dump those on the floor?) room. BEADING IS OPTIONAL.

If you decide to omit the beads, a plain purl stitch can be substituted.The shawl will be perfectly lovely whatever you decide.

You will also need a 32 inch size 3 US circular needles (or to obtain gauge), approx. 10 stitch markers (if you use them) and a small crochet hook for beading
Sign ups run through Friday February 4th.

Cost is $9, $1 of which is donated to Doctors Without Borders for relief in Haiti. You can sign up here on Rav or on the sidebar of my blog

I have released a swatch to be used for both determining gauge & practicing your lace knitting skills. Swatch directions are available here and on Rav. as a free pattern download.
First clue will come out on February 4th at 6:00 PM EST.

Subsequent clues will come out every other Friday through May7th, for a total of seven clues. This year, clues will be distributed as direct downloads, both here and in the Ravelry pattern store. You will receive download codes in emails from AWeber, my email provider.

If you keep up, by Memorial Day you will have a stunning shawl, perfect for any and all summer events. The entire pattern will be available for purchase in June.


Stitches and Thyme said...

I am so excited to participate in this!

I have a question -I have never done beading before - how do you include the bead in a stich? Will you be posting information on that? I notice it's not in the swatch directions.
Thanks for your help


Priscilla said...

I love the gradiance yarn from The Unique Sheep. I was just wondering if you are using the 4 color or 6 color gradiance. In your picture there are 6 skeins. Love the color you selected. What is the color of the beads?

Anonymous said...

eeek! Just found you today via a Ravelry ad... is it too late to join? *looks hopeful*

Anonymous said...

er... ok, my fingers are obviously faster than my brain. *blush* Have joined up today and am more excited than I thought humanly possible. Hehe! *joy*

drjackie said...

What color beads did you use? From Foxden?

Unknown said...

I have 1096 yards of the most gorgeous Lisa Souza silk that i would love to use. Suggestions?

Unknown said...

Hi Susan!
My husband signed me up for In Dreams as well as the Two Towers Series. Wahoo!! However, I have not seen a confirmation come through to our email address. Can you check to be sure you have me signed up? The payment transaction has posted to our checking account.

Aurora said...


I love the way the beads look but I would rather only place the beads near the bottom of the shawl. Do you have any suggestions on where to begin placing the beads or is it something that needs to be done all the way through? Thanks.

Susan Pandorf said...

I am using the 6 color shawl gradience

Susan Pandorf said...

I used 0455 Var. Blue metallic Iris

Susan Pandorf said...

Laura -

That may be enough. Am having leftovers in each skein as I change colors. Will weigh & extrapolate out, if I can remember my geometry...

Susan Pandorf said...


There are 4 sections of beading in the design. You can bead all, or some, or none... You can choose to bead only the outer border if you like.

sonja said...

Hi Susan,
I just finished Galadriel's mirror, a wonderful pattern.
Unfortunately I run out of yarn three rows before the cast-off and I had to modify the pattern a little bit.I used 3 skeins of String Theory Bluestocking.

Now I want to knit In Dreams and I bought 4 color gradiance EOS. Do you think, it will be enough, even if it seems that I need more yarn than suggested?

Margie said...

Any advice on selecting beads when using gradience colors?

Margie said...

I'm assuming that this would also be lovely in a semi-solid? BTW - how is the weather treating you?

Susan Pandorf said...

Margie - A semi solid would be lovely if you don;t want to use gradience.

So far as beads go, I picked a multicolored mix of iris beads, that are predominently blue, but include green & purple as well, so it will work with all the colors.

As to the weather, I have power, so am a happy camper

Susan Pandorf said...


I am so sorry you ran out of yarn - it was a tight knit - I think I had less than 3 yds. left when I finished mine.

My shawl is coming in under 1200 yds. If you have that much you should be fine. I am going to include directions for both 4 & 6 skeins

sonja said...

it was no problem , I'm very happy with this shawl. The pattern is a piece of art.

If you needed less than 1200 yards, the Eos gradiance 4 skein will work for me.
I'm looking forward to the In Dreams project.


Connie said...

I just signed up for this! Do you think it is terrible that I haven't finished the Evenstar??? I only got to clue 5 and need to (and will) finish but I love your designs!!!