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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Random Acts of Knitting

In complex situations, we may rely too heavily on planning and forecasting and underestimate the importance of random factors in the environment. That reliance can also lead to delusions of control.

-Hillel J. Einhorn

My thoughts are scattered today - not good for a writer. I don't know if it is due to the heat which has suddenly struck hard at the midsection of our country, the many patterns I have in the pipeline at the moment, or the push-me-pull-you nature of balancing the demands on my time.

All I know is that I am having difficulty settling down to any one thing right now. I work on Evenstar's beaded border until my eyes and brain give out (which comes sooner on some days than on others) then pick up Dwarrowdelf to finish the second side. When that feels stale, I knit on Strider which is already in test knit and about 10 rows from sample completion.

When all else fails to interest, I work on another design which I have had in mind for Fellowship since it's inception, but had not finalized in time for the initial offering. This one is low on the priority list as it is not part of the original series, but I hope to have it ready for publication in August, just in time for you to complete it before the cold winds of winter strike again.

Evenstar's release has been pushed back from June 1st to the 4th (next Friday) in consideration of the holiday weekend and the many festivities surrounding it. I have learned (to our detriment) the consequences of premature release (now that sounds a lot racier than it should-lol) and want to make sure the final product is thoroughly proofed by several people since it has only been tested in its clue format.

Those errata are sneaky little suckers - they and their ugly cousins: the typos!

Now some random acts of knitting for your enjoyment...

close up shot of back panel of Dwarrowdelf showing the center graft & the pick up along the side edge (the diagonal line) with the side panels knit out from the back.

beauty shot of Dwarrowdelf on the artist's chair


Evenstar Pic ahead

Almost done with beaded border - next time you see her, she'll be blocked
so excited!!!

Galadriel's Mirror triangular shawl - mid-way through 3rd chart

close up of center back divide showing mirroring

close up of twisted stitch/bobbled lace pattern

Elven-ish motifs ripple out in mirror fashion from center of shawl before radiating out into an overlapping lattice with half round motifs on the edge. The yarn is the yummiest color - String Theory Blue Stocking in Alexandrite - a real joy to work with! I have almost used up the first skein, but have 2 more if I need them.

And I think that's about it for today. Not up to my usual standards, but as much as I can manage today. My knitting awaits...


Cathie Jones said...

Gorgeous stuff!! I can't tell how long Galadriel's Mirror will be, but looking at it I think how wonderful a knee-length wrap would be! I probably don't have enough attention span to make one, but it sure would be pretty!!

P said...

OMG! That String Theory yarn - those colours are amazing!

Laurie said...

Ah...lovely knitting eye candy for a Friday morning. Now that the concerts are finished, I can resume knitting Evenstar - almost through with Clue #5! Woo hooo!!!

drjackie said...

Lovely work as always! What color are your Evenstar's beads?

Susan Pandorf said...

Miyuke 8/0 seeds color #2430 ice blue with silver lining

audrey said...

what a remarkable coincidence! I ordered 3 skeins of String Theory Blue Stocking Alexandrite from TLE's most recent update -- just because I liked the look of it and I have a few shawl patterns that would need more than 2 skeins -- I had no idea that you were using this yarn to design Galadriel's Mirror! lucky lucky me :-)

Elizabeth said...

Evenstar looks so pretty! It is such a wonderful pattern.

Do you know when it will be available? I'm dying to make it!