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Friday, April 2, 2010

May It Be

"May it be an evening star
Shines down upon you
May it be when darkness falls
Your heart will be true
You walk a lonely road
Oh! How far you are from home"


Work on Evenstar seems to be progressing at a fast clip (or as fast as one can go at 560 stitches a round.) Everyone is doing such beautiful work! I am inspired and amazed and so wish I could share mine with all of you...sigh...soon...

I am really pleased with how the Fellowship patterns are coming along. Dwarrowdelf goes out to test knitters next week, and Rivendell is almost ready to release. Test knitters are finishing up, so I will write it up and proof it next week. April 9th at the latest.

Here are some shots of my completed Rivendell.

I am hoping to talk my lovely DIL into modeling it for me on Easter. Pretty please????

The arches remind me of Rivendell's glorious architecture.

This pattern was not included in the original Fellowship of the Ring patterns. I had a glimmering of the idea, but had not located the proper yarn.

Tolkien used color so prominently in his writing. In this case, he used autumnal hues to communicate the elegiac nature of the Elven civilization. This is a race which is nearing the end of its time in middle earth.

When I saw the colors of the Netherfield Evolution from Twisted Fiber Arts, I knew I had to use it. The base yarn is Muse, a lovely sport weight combo of silk & wool - light, soft, elegant, and it drapes beautifully. One ball is all you need. I used maybe 275 yds. of mine.

Rivendell will be a $6 pattern, but I will put an additional button on the sidebar just for FotR subscribers - your price will be $4. Please do not use this if you are not a subscriber - I will check.

Here is a sneaky peek at another add on, this time in Twisted Fiber Arts Kabam - a fingering weight bamboo blend.

This is my Goldberry scarf. And it shades from silvery green to turquoise blue. More about it in later posts.

I have to run now. I hope all of you have a blessed Easter Weekend.

May it be...


teabird said...

Rivandell is spectacular - romantic and Gothic at the same time - as always, Susan, I love the pattern.

Unknown said...

Oooh aaah, just lovely, both of them. Is Rivendell a single skein I assume?

And while I'm at it I have another question about the evolution color changes. I love your Byzantine but hate the Noro. Would the evolution work for that? Any suggestion about which base? Thank you.

Susan Pandorf said...

Yes it would. They will custom dye long color runs to order, so if you order 4 balls, you can have it all dyed in one continuous progression or have each one contain all the colors.

Goldberry is a 2 ball project, but dyed in one continuous run.

T said...

Good grief Susan, you are absolutely amazing - how do you find the time to do all that you do? The Rivendell Shawl so represents that scene. You truly are a remarkable designer!
hugs from Chagrin Falls, Ohio and Tora

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for this to be released.
My yarn is all ready and waiting to go!

Just in time for my Autumn too!

Laurie said...

I think Rivendell will be added to my "must make" list. Love the gothic architecture look..

Anonymous said...

Both those patterns are so pretty! And the green of the Goldberry Scarf is gorgeous. It's always so tempting here!

P said...

Wow! I've just ordered the Netherfield Muse Evolution skein (and thank goodness Twisted Fiber Arts ship to Denmark without it costing an arm & a leg). Yay!

weavrmom said...

This looks exactly like a stitch pattern out of one of my Japanese Pattern books.

baby face said...

I love your new Goldberry Scarf,
but I can't even find that yarn
on a website. Can you tell us
where to go to buy it? I love
all your work, but can't do too
much knitting right now. Have
several of your patterns. Love

baby face said...

Also if we can't find that particular yarn, can we subsitute
it with something else?????
Thank you.

Susan Pandorf said...

The yarn for Goldberry is Twisted Fiber Arts Kabam