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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Comme Ci, Comme Ça

I always say, "Comme ci, comme ca,"
And go my way - Comme ci, comme ca.
Since you are gone, nothing excites me.
Since you are gone, no one delights me.
And I go on - Comme ci, comme ca,
Midnight till dawn - Comme ci, comme ca.

But should we meet, that would excite me.
And should you smile, that would delight me.
I'd live again to love again,
But until then...
"Comme ci, comme ca."

-Tito Puente

We got back from the great state of Michigan on Monday night, but I have had little time to gather my thoughts or my knitting since my return.

The past week was definitely a family vacation. We spent most of our time with Baby Boy/Family Man and his family, before their departure from the cabin on Friday, then we hung out for a couple more hard earned days of rest and recovery, before heading south again.

We ate whitefish and burgers while the baby chowed down on grilled cheese, grapes, and Cheerios. We wondered when it was going to get warm enough to swim in the c-o-l-d lake, while we took walks with the Cadillac of strollers, and threw the Frisbee around the yard. We stacked cups with Conner, and drank from wine glasses with the grown ups. We played cards with the parents and peek-a-boo with the baby.

And I discovered I can make a killer turkey call that always gets a chortle out of the wee one.

On Monday, my grandson Conner celebrated his first birthday and last night, Eldest Son completed the final requirement for his degree in music from Indiana University - his senior recital. A good time was had by all involved in both events and we are so proud of Eldest Son. The control and proficiency, to say nothing of the artistry, on display last night was absolutely thrilling.

We had a rather helter skelter evening - we actually missed the first piece in the program because we got zapped by record breaking rainfall (4 inches in two hours) which flooded streets, knocked out traffic lights, and snarled rush hour travel for hours on the south side of Indianapolis.

Once we cleared the city, DH drove to Bloomington as if being chased down by the fiends of hell, while my dad, who made the trip down from Michigan to attend, kept a lookout for roving bands of polizei. I would like to say it was an exciting ride, but I was too busy alternately cowering in the back seat and wringing my hands over the fact that we were late, late, late for a VERY important date...sigh...

We had a great week, even when some not so great things happened.

Comme ci, comme ca - like this, like that...

Today my father has returned home, my grandson and son have been suitably feted, and I can finally catch my breath, savor the silence of my empty house, and get a little work done! Family is a wonderful thing - actually the MOST wonderful thing - but it can be hard to get a row in edgewise...

Since I was, technically, OFF last week, I spent what little knitting time I squeezed in, playing.

Some things worked...

This is Nashua Geologie in the color Shale. The yarn is a lovely worsted weight brushed mohair wool blend, with superior color saturation.

I really like the pattern (which will be easier to see when blocked) with the color changes in the yarn. I struggled with the urge to use Noro Yuzen, Silk Garden, or Kureyon, but decided the color of this one is just too hard to resist.

And some things didn't work so well.

This is an attempt at graduated colors, but the colors just aren't working for me.

The yarn is Blue Heron Silk Noil. You will probably see this yarn in Saturday's Stash Sale.

Some things got finished - YES! I can actually WEAR this one...Look for the Byzantine pattern later this week. Need to block her out before her beauty shots. That's Noro Silk Garden Light #2014, btw...

And some things got frogged after multiple fits & starts:

Dream in Color Baby in Cloud Jungle. Too regimented - needs to be softer, more free form. Larger needles. Less edge. More float...like the clouds she is named for.

A little of this...a little of that...comme ci...comme ca...

Hey! Two out of four ain't bad... How's your batting average this summer?

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La Cabeza Grande said...

Well, it sounds awfully exciting to me. How proud you must be of your family!