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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Everything Is Beautiful

"Everything is beautiful in its own way
Like a starry summer night or a snow covered winter's day
Everybody's beautiful in their own way
Under God's heaven, the world's gonna find a way"

-Ray Stevens

I am a stubborn cuss. Once I get a hold of an idea, I hang onto it like a dog with a bone.

For two weeks now, I have had these ten gorgeous skeins of Colinette's Tagliatelle in my Saturday Stash Sale.

44) 5 skeins Colinette Tagliatelli - Dusk - $10 each
wool/nylon- hand wash - 150 yds. each

45) 5 skeins Colinette Tagliatelli - Charcoal - $10 each
wool/nylon- hand wash - 150 yds. each

And nobody wants them.

Never mind that they retail for $27. Never mind that the colors are lovely. Never mind that I once thought they were worthy of full price. Never mind that the dye is slightly transparent, resulting in a distinctly watercolor-like look, unique to this yarn.

They are sitting on the sidelines like the stag line at a high school dance.

And that got my dander up (weird saying - anybody know its etymology?)

If everything is beautiful in its own way, and I firmly believe that, then this forsaken yarn is also. I just need to find the right home for it.

Maybe, I thought, no one knows what to do with it.

Maybe, I thought, it just needs to be seen in the right light.

Maybe it needs a makeover.

And therein lay the challenge. And once I had it in my teeth, I worried it until I solved it.

Like I don't have any other projects to occupy my time - snort...

The kicker was when I realized the color of one of them would be perfect for my gray outfit.

See what I mean?

Now, this may be a case of no one wants something quite so much as when it is taken away from them.

Or it may be a case of nobody kicks my dog yarn, but me.

But I don't think so.

After a little fiddling, I settled on this fagotting stitch variation, done on 13 needles - fast, fast,fast...

And a 2 stitch, 2 row repeat - easy, easy, easy...

One skein makes a 12 by 60 in. scarf - cheap, cheap, cheap...

Does it get any better?

I don't think so...

So here's the deal. You email me at susanpandorf@comcast.net (DON'T JUST LEAVE IN THE COMMENTS. BLOGGER OFTEN DELETES YOUR EMAIL) and tell me you want the yarn for $10 plus $3.50 shipping and I'll invoice you through PayPal, and send you both the yarn and the free pattern for:


Because everything is beautiful.

We just need to open our eyes to the possibilities.


Anonymous said...

this is exactly what I do with the fun yarns from the Sat sale, make up some wonderful wraps for a local bistro. the owners have a collection of my wraps, (many made from yarns in the Saturday Stash using lots of openwork stitches and many fun colors), for their customers to use in the al fresco dining room helping to ward off the Caribbean evening chill.

thanks Susan

Darci said...

you make me laugh. There is no room in my budget for yarn, no matter the perks attached, but I do love your effort.

Thanks for the ideas.

Susan Pandorf said...

Can't blame a girl for trying, now, can you?

km said...

I'm with Darci. I did try once for a skien that would match something I already had (and didn't care that the dye lot probably didn't match). I didn't get it though. I don't have as much yarn as you do/did, but I do have enough to knit through this year and the next without buying anything. I'm trying to do just that.

thaddeusrose said...

Mercy... I already have some of this yarn and have been looking for a way to use it! Now you have given me ideas :-) Can't buy... just visited my LYS for some Handmaiden Sea Silk so no more money in my yarn budget for now :-(

Unknown said...

You go girl! No more money for me right now and I don't have to look at the way you use the yarn I already know it is perfect!