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Friday, February 6, 2009


"The mists of time ever rise
From the lake with many eyes-
Sing Avalon, oh Avalon
Where has all thy beauty gone?
Legends rise and legends fall
Avalon outlasts them all.
Where her magic?
Where her shames?
Avalon of many names. . . "

-Elizabeth Wilcox

formerly called Crystal Palace

12 inches wide by 72 inches long


3 balls ( 573 yds.) Rowan Felted Tweed
Color # 164 Grey Mist
Size 4 (US) needles

6 stitches = 1 inch (in blocked lace pattern)

charted AND written directions

When I saw the first picture of this little lovely, with the sun falling across her, and her length receding in the mist, all I could think of were magical mythical locations like: Rivendell, Narnia, Avalon.This color of felted tweed (grey mist) is such a soft foggy color. She just had to be named for something mystical.

Besides, if you do a pattern search on Ravelry with "crystal palace" you have to wade through pages and pages of patterns for Crystal Palace yarns. I don't need the competition and you don't need that aggravation!

I had originally planned to continue the lace pattern on the ends for the entire length of the scarf. But I love the way it looks as an edging, and the rest of the scaarf flies like the wind. Relatively mindless knitting...

Pattern is just $4 for this little wraith of a scarf. Top of the sidebar at the right.

If it's cheap it's cheery; if it's free it's fun!

Speaking of cheap...

More S7 sock yarn tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

My goodness, lady. Do you ever sleep? That's gorgeous.

Megan said...

ooooooo pretty!!!! Love the design and the name. I'm psyched for S7!!!

Jani said...

You've designed a lot of beautiful lace, but this one . . . it just captivates me! Gorgeous - and the name is perfect! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and as usual, irresistable!

Anonymous said...

Question, is the edging the same on both ends of the scarf? Pattern is very pretty

teabird said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful!