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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Third Time's the Charm

SIZE: 10 in wide by 72 in long
3 skeins (500 yd) KOIGU Mori
Or other fingering/ laceweight yarn
Size 4 (US) needles
5 stitches = 1 inch
(Triad stitch - blocked)

This little bit of lacey goodness is lovely in any fingering/lace yarn. The pattern does a nice job mixing up the colors of a handpaint or multi-color yarn, but the lines are interesting enough to stand alone in a solid color.

It reminds me of those pictures where one person sees two wineglasses and another sees an old woman in profile; do it in green and call the openings shamrocks; do it in red and call them hearts.

Whatever you choose, call it gorgeous!

16 stitch, 16 row rep. all the way to the finish line. Easy, no?

Written Directions.

“I don't really see why we can’t go on as three.”

“Triad” by David Crosby

So, I had this skein of Koigu's new wool/silk blend lying around...

Y'all can see where this is heading already.


This is Triad.

A really fun pattern to work - nifty

Over there on the right.

you know what to do.


FiberRachel said...

Yes, you really snuck this up on us, but I found it before you posted this even LOL. I love the design, and have to redirect my skein of Sea Silk Origin to do this. And then I found that the pale Tiger I had gotten for Sunflower is actually perfect for Aspenglow, so that's going there and Evelyn is getting some brighter(I hope) Tiger in soon for Sunflower, hint, hint!! (I will need a Sunflower pattern to knit it of course)

Donna Lee said...

I just ordered some alpaca/silk laceweight that will be perfect for this. I just ordered the pattern. I'm looking forward to this one.

Pandora's Box of FIber said...

That is absolutely gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Triad is a beautiful... it has some unusual stitch combinations and is really fun to do!

Anonymous said...

I'm using a lace weight merino in merlot... it's turning out great! The pattern of 3 reminds me of angels...

Tallguy said...

Where is the pattern??

Susan Pandorf said...

on the sidebar>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

I'm using my first handmade-colored yarn for your wonderful Triad-Pattern. The combination reminds me of the windows in a church :-)