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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sunflower Samplings

Today is sort of a status report - bring everybody up to date - kind of post.

A little bit of this...

A little bit of that...

Think of it as knitting hors d'oeuvres...

Or maybe a pot-luck supper.

We'll begin with Sherwood: a handsome fellow who is heading out to test knitters today.(Forest sea silk)

He's a love em and "leaf" em kind of guy, but I managed to pin him down and take some measurements. While he was helpless, I took advantage and snapped a few surreptitious shots.

He never knew what hit him.

You can ask him yourself as soon as he pulls himself together (probably sometime in June)

Iris came through her cosmetic surgery well (removing all those beads bumps on her face was hell, I'm tellin ya!)

She is lookin' mighty fine (to see the detail you really need to click on the pictures; I LOVE this color!) all freshened up in Mermaid sea silk, and lighter by a few ounces. She has passed the point where I put her on a strict diet, and is now a lean, mean, neck-flattering machine.

I told her she should wait until she was further along, but she just can't wait to show off her new look. She insisted I take pictures NOW!

And last, but certainly not least, we come to Crocus Pocus, the first born of the Garden Variety Collection.

It's hard to be the lead-off hitter (Oh, the weight of expectations) but this saucy minx has traveled far in her search for test knitters fulfillment (Thank you Jeannie and Joanne!), and is looking forward to her release date of May 1st.

She will be presented on this website (pattern only) and on Knitty Noddy as a kit in any of the glorious colors of sea silk or mini maiden that call your name. (Sample shown is knit in dandelion mini maiden with a periwinkle sea silk edging.)

Each pattern in the collection will retail for $7 and will be available through the end of November.

At that time, I will offer a special Pointsettia pattern for the holidays. This pattern will be provided free of charge exclusively to those who have purchased the entire series. Sort of a buy six, get one free deal. Actually, EXACTLY like a buy six, get one free deal...

So line up those skeins of sea silk (or 440 yards of any other lace or fingering yarn you desire)

And join us for a stroll through the garden...

After you've polished off your pot-luck supper, of course.

Just don't miss Aunt Rhodie's jello salad.

It's to die for!



Pat K said...

So purdy. The creative juices sure are flowing.

Megan said...

I love pot-luck dinner knitting!!!! Everything looks great!

Knit and fall back in it said...

Everything is beautiful. I wish I was a lace knitter, I'm just not there yet.