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Monday, October 1, 2007




Intermediate (some previous lace experience recommended)


38 inches wide by 98” long

MATERIALS: 1700 yards fingering or sport weight yarn

Here she is, Miss America...

(Wait a minute - wrong song)

Here she is, her Royal Cherry-dom...

(that's better!)

Vital Statistics
38" wide by 98” long (after blocking)

1800 yards Briar Rose Fibers Grandma’s Blessing, Sport Weight

Size 5US needles

Took a lot longer than I expected to finish final border, graft it on, wash & block the little lady... Then again, queens have been known to keep their loyal subjects waiting.

Only just released into the world and already, she's a prima donna (sigh!)

Here are a few more beauty shots.

(of the shawl - not me - silly!)

artfully modeled by middle aged woman wearing no makeup...

(Baby Boy's girlfriend was unavailable and trust me, she's w-a-ay better looking!)

obligatory wingspan shot...

ready for her close up...

(again - the shawl - not me)

And a few more showing off her lacy-ness...

How do you like them apples cherries?

close up of blossoming branch and beech leaf edging

And one last shot for the blocking voyeurs (you know who you are!)

Took all day yesterday, but the pattern is ready for sale. Tomorrow I am off to Leland, where the shawl will premier Saturday at Briar Rose's booth at the Fiber Festival. If you're in the area, stop on by and check it out.

Back next week. At that time the pattern will be for sale on the website (assuming I can figure out how to get PayPal set up.)

Thank you to all who have encouraged me in the great cherry odyssey of 2007.

And I'm just getting started..


Sunflower Designs Cherry Country Shawl pattern Errata – page 4


Right twist: Insert the right hand needle
into the second stitch on left needle knitwise,
knit stitch, then WITHOUT
NEEDLE, knit first stitch. Now slip both
stitches off the left hand needle together.
This twists the stitches to the right.

Left twist: Insert the right hand needle
from behind the body of the work into
the back of the second stitch, knit stitch,
FROM LEFT NEEDLE, bring yarn
forward between needles and knit first
stitch through front as usual. Now slip
both stitches off the left hand needle
together. This twists the stitches to the


amy said...

argh! the pictures aren't loading!! I'll be back later (much later...there's a game on tonight I have to watch...)

La Cabeza Grande said...

From deep cherry bombs to delicate wrap: even without the ability to enlarge the beauty shots, I can tell that HRH Cherry, I is magnificent!

The result was worth the wait.

Lisa said...

Stunning! That color is fabulous!

Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

I can't see thepictures either but congratulations on finishing

margene said...

Fabulous!! Knitting Cherry is an accomplishment, let alone designing her. Nice work all around.

amy said...

So very pretty!

Rachel said...

Wow Susan--that is amazing! Absolutely beautiful! And I'm anxiously waiting to see some of the other things you come up with...the colors and stitch patterns on a few of your 'teasers' the other day look like they will be equally amazing. I think you've found your calling!

cbknits said...

Beautiful!!! And you made it through writing the pattern too. Do you have to leave the sample at Briar Rose?

Michelle said...

Wow! Absolutely beautiful. And the model is quite lovely too! ;)

Ann said...

Such a beautiful shawl - love the pattern & the color - you have done a fantastic job!

Anonymous said...

I ordered this shawl yarn and pattern at Rhinebeck. I rarely buy yarns these days, but the combination of your pattern and Chris's yarn was just too tempting to pass by.

Beautifully done!