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Saturday, June 16, 2007

It's Over. It's Over. Thank God it's Over (now we must begin again)

As promised:
Ol' Mothy is lookin' pretty chipper after her bedtime soak last night.

By morning, she looked like this.

pattern: Anne Hanson's Wing O' the Moth
yarn: Handmaiden seasilk in Woodland. Two 100g. skeins

I really enjoyed this pattern. Just about the time I would think if I had to do one more pattern repeat I was gonna' hurl, it would be time to move on. The pattern was charted and written out so you could take your pick. I wound up working back and forth between the two, using mainly the chart, but consulting the written directions if I need clarification on anything.

There's a reason this pattern is so popular folks. That Anne: she's a friggin' genius!

Here are a few outdoor shots on the deck, which emphasize the openess of the lace.

A close up of the border.

And the requisite modeled shots.

Ready for takeoff!

The camera adds ten pounds, right? Right? RIGHT?!? ( Wanna go for twenty? I'll go for twenty; hell, why not thirty?)

I don't think I'm ready for America's Next Top Model.
Another dream crushed to bits.
So much for my back up plan. Better hope the book sells...

So what am I working on now? Something quick and easy, down and dirty.

Yep, it's back to the monkey cage for me.

As you can see, I've turned the heel and am getting ready to work the gusset decreases. This sock has some interesting pooling issues, but I'm not worrying about them. I like the cheery color after so many days spent in the woodlands with Mothy (Y'know, I might have to start addressing her by her proper name, now that she is an FO, and a beautiful FO, at that.)

At any rate, Mothy is no longer interested in paying her share of the surveilance fees, so Monkey Investigations is out of business. Poor unemployed sock has nothing to do all day. If I don't show him how important he still is, he might wind up like this:

Yep, that's monkey lyin' around without his instep on, drinkin' beer, and watchin' the Home Shopping Network. Sad, isn't it?

And now, a little mystery for you all. Anne posted this gorgeous shot yesterday as her contribution to eye candy Friday. Can this woman grow flowers, or can this woman grow flowers?!?

So the question is: What do you think this flower wants to be when it grows up? (Anne and Karen can't play, because they already know the answer.)

"What? Monkey isn't using it anymore!"


amy said...

well, that's just a beautiful FO. Congratulations!

Opal said...

Ol' Mothy is a gorgeous specimen indeed.

Poor Monkey is going to get bloated with all that beer and you better watch your credit cards! HSN is evil and dangerous!

Love the kitty shot. :-)

knitspot anne said...

wow!! that is the second finished moth i've seen today. but WOW; it is incredible in sea silk.
i have never knit with the stuff, but something tells me i might have to get some . . . soon

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Wow, Mothy is a major revelation, so gorgeous. Nice work!

La Cabeza Grande said...

Verrry nice WOM, Susan! Maybe you can give me some help once I get to knitting my own - also in SeaSilk (Straw colorway).

Denise said...

Your mothy shawl is just divine - wonderful work! Lulu approves ;)

margene said...

Moth turned out beautifully! The yarn you used suits it well!

Rachel said...

a little late with the WOW's but still I shall say it...WOW. it's beautiful and I love the colors. I'm thinking of starting a shawl very soon...this provides inspiration although I think I'll start with an easier one! My lace skills aren't there yet.

Bells said...

Mothy is breathtaking. Do you think she would be a good first lace shawl project? I'm on the look out for the right one.