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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Good Things Come in Odd Packages (I mean, look at me!)

Yesterday I went out to retrieve the mail, only to find this:

(Ya know, I've heard of leaving babies on the doorstep, but this is the first time I have ever heard of leaving diapers.)

It definitely warranted further investigation.

There was no ticking noise coming from the box (no baby cries either) so I figured it wasn't a bomb. I took it into the house and put it on the kitchen table. (But I didn't feed it - once you do that they think they live there. Trust me, I have a cat who illustrates this law of nature quite nicely.)

It didn't rattle either. Hmm... could it be...


Yes, yarn fans, it is my shipment from Autumn House Farms. This is the first time I have ordered from them. Someone in blogland (I forget just who. I forget a lot these days. I blame hormones from perimenopause. My family blames my innately spacey nature. Muggles! I'll have you know, I can remember and execute a very complicated knitting pattern. I must still have two cells rubbing together up there in my cerebellum somewhere!)

Where was I? Oh yes, Someone in blogland mentioned Autumn House in one of their posts, and I have been looking (and drooling) ever since.

I chose one from column A:

Sagamore Hill silk & rayon in Barley Corn. It's going to be my first shapely tank.

And one from column B:

Shantung silk in Anasazi. This is destined for Valentina Devine's Blackberry vest.

The texture of the blackberry stitch blends the colors well. Should be a great transition piece for fall.

One from column C:

Finnean's Rainbow in Zinnia. Is this not the most perfectly named yarn? Reminds me of my grandmother's garden. It's positively cheery. Going to make Ilga Leja's new Open Water wrap out of it.

Lacks the beachy feel of the model, but living in Indiana, we have a lot more garden's than beaches. Again a good transitional piece.

Last but not least, one from column D:

Alpacita Fine yarn in Moor Stalker. Lovely hand to this yarn. Soft, squishy, springy. And the richness of the color! It's going to make someone a wonderful pair of socks.

All in all, a cornucopia of wonderful fibery goodness. And in such an unassuming package.

Just goes to show, you can't judge a box by its cover.


Lisa said...

Wow, what a lot of great yarn! That should keep you busy for a while. (not that you didn't have enough projects already - wink)

La Cabeza Grande said...

I've seen recycled packaging before but never a diaper box! Boy oh boy, what a haul!

Opal said...

LOL A diaper box? That's just hilarious. Love the yarn haul. I'm getting dizzy from the yarn fumes all the way over here.