women of a certain age are like sunflowers; they know how to turn their faces to the sun.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm Thankful

For geese who fly on feathered wing
For all the songs I’ve yet to sing
For all the poems I’ve not yet writ
For all the yarns I’ve yet to knit
I’m thankful...

For shortening sun that slants o’er field
Of fallow corn - for generous yield
For harvest and for hungry need
That all may come to you and feed
I’m thankful...

For snowflakes and for college dorm
For hearth and home to keep us warm
For peace to come on winter days
For time to ponder and amaze
I’m thankful...

For family both near and far
For boats and planes and trains and cars
That bring our loved ones closer yet
For telephones if that’s all we get
I’m thankful...

For stuffing and for pumpkin pie
For all the love that meets my eye
As on my daily rounds I go
Sometimes fast and sometimes slow
I’m thankful...

For music, for musicians too
Harpists, horn-ists, friends I knew
Who sing to man, to God above
Who play for joy, for life, for love
I’m thankful...

For friends who call and those who don’t
For foes who wound and those who won’t
Friend or foe I know that they
Rely on you to find their way
I’m thankful...

For inspiration in all its glory
Sometimes serious, sometimes hoary
For freedom to express my view
(For friends who find some value too)
I'm thankful...

For possibilities anew
For college, new books, bloggers too
For wooly dreams and lovely lace
For sun to which I turn my face
I'm thankful...

For all the power of thy word
Power spoken – Power heard
Power given to decide
Which to publish, which to hide
I’m thankful...

For ministry to loved ones dear
Too oft destructive, too seldom near
I trust in you as far he roams
To find his path, to bring him home
I'm thankful...

For all my vice and virtue too
That all may bring me close to you
My sins seem great yet small in space
Compared to thy abundant grace
I’m thankful...

For all the times I felt your care
And all the times you hovered there
Oft unseen but heartfelt – yes!
(Especially when I’ve made a mess)
I’m thankful...

As oft I do - no perfection found
My sins are many, perceptions bound
By earthly fashion, earthly fears
Earthly passion, earthly tears
I’m thankful...

For prayer – whichever way preferred
For shouting silence and quiet word
For Quakers, Methodists, Episcopalians too
For all who hear and all who do
I’m thankful...

For rocks to stand on, steady ground
Haven sought and sanctuary found
For all the many times that we
Are fallen, faithless, redeemed, free
I’m thankful...

And at the last I pray that we
Remembered as pilgrims be
Always bound to distant place
Always bound to know thy grace

I’m thankful...


Anonymous said...

and for gifted hand that poems write of heart felt words, a glimpse of light - I am thankful

Donna Lee said...

lovely, susan. and for blog friends whom we hold dear, I'm thankful.
Happy Thanksgiving

Danielle said...

Love the poem...Its a great reminder to whom we are to give thanks!

amy said...

I saved this until I had time to read it properly. It's beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours (all 22 of them!).

La Cabeza Grande said...

Quite lovely and heartfelt, Susan. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us!

Sheepish Annie said...

That is lovely. And a wonderful reminder of the things that make me thankful.