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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Morocco, Driftwood, & Dress Grays - OH MY!

Here is the finished swatch for Morocco, All the components are there, but without separating segments of stockinette or beading.

I know she doesn't look like much now, but wait until she's dried off a bit. Then I can place her in the harem on a contrasting background and you'll be better able to detect her exotic loveliness.

Edging with and without beads

Moorish windows (along ends and down center back of shawl)

Center section looks a bit like onion domes (hence the name and the theme of the piece)

What else is going on around here?

You mean besides getting ready to have 22 hungry barbarians at the gate in two short days? 22 beloved family members gather around my table for the feast?

Driftwood, my aran cabled design is purring smoothly along. I LOVE the yarn. It is an Aussie import from Pear Tree. So soft, tweedy, and lovely... None of that stiffness you can get with some tweeds. It is hard not to just move in with this one and kiss the others off a fond farewell...


I mean, look at those cables, baby...

I think I'm in love...

Dress Grays is coming right along. A simple vest, but with some nifty detailing. The iridescent beads are lovely on the charcoal ground and the cabled rib will be repeated at the deep V neck and the armholes. Minimum effort, but great impact, especially for those (like me) who prefer their holiday wear to whisper a sweet come on, rather than shout to the world, "HERE I AM!!!!"

No gold sequins. No chandeliers. No blinking Christmas Tree sweaters. No Rudolph. Suitable for year round wear.

No trash. No flash. Just quiet sophistication. Just my style.

And Sedona? Well, like Ol' Man River, we jes keep rollin' along...

Now you'll have to excuse me. I have to go buy a #^%%^)(*)(#@#@ turkey!

For those who want to know, my loved one who engaged in the risky behavior seems to be seeing a glimmer of light. The verdict will be out on this one for some time to come, I am afraid. At the very least, I am thankful that this person is unharmed and we seem to be weathering the storm as a family. Thank you for your prayers.


Anonymous said...

HELLO - oh those magical days of morocco , harems , the orient , spices and honey - just can't wait for this shawl - have already ordered my yarn- looks enticing

pat j

Kim said...

Oh MY!! Morocco is looking fabulous!!! Your beaded vest is beautiful as well!!

Kim said...

WOW! Amazing work. Great that you are finding time with those 22 Barbarians (oops, loving family members) showing up for dinner.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Opal said...

I love the way Morroco is knitting up. Happy Thanksgiving!

La Cabeza Grande said...

Cables and dress greys right here, baby! Love 'em. Also, can't wait for the contrast view of Morocco. I can tell it will be beautiful even now.

Meanwhile, Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the hungry horde.

TheBlackSheep said...

I ADORE the Driftwood. I'm a sucker for cables and those are beatiful. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Good luck with Thanksgiving! You're lucky to have 22 people coming. I have to go to work. I'd substitute 22 family members for that any day! I do keep trying to convince them that I should get both the Swiss and the American holidays, alas, they do not want to know.