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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pumpkin Curry

What to do with all that orange Legend yarn from Briar Rose? The one that was too bright for the canyon vest?

The skein has been languishing on my swift for a week now. Gazing longingly in my direction as I finish Cherry. Begging me to please wind her up and determine her purpose in life. Entreating me with her pumpkin-y goodness, her very "fall'ness to knit something up for the harvest.

(Hey! It's hard to stay faithful to one project. Ask the Yarn Harlot.)

After a morning of swatching and listening to the yarn:

  • "No, not that one. Look how loose my upper yarnovers look. Ugh!"
  • "Ow! That's too tight! Whaddayou think I am -- laceweight?"
  • "Oh my God! Just look at those lumps, would ya. I really need to get back in shape."
  • "Lace? Do I look like THAT kind of yarn to you? Get real!"

(Mouthy little sucker, isn't she?)

I cooked up this spicy fall dish:

Indian Pillar Stitch. Perfect. Makes me think of curry and eastern bazaars.

This is the pattern offset (forgive the slight blurryness of the photo. Too many martinis for breakfast...Kidding!)

And here it is lined up neat and tidy.

(Don't know what happened with the color on this one, but you can see the stitch definition.)

But its true promise is revealed when you stretch it out a bit...

The offset portion is denser, more suited for a bodice, while the lower portion has more elasticity, pulls in just a bit, and will show off its vertical lines, while hugging the torso.

So this one clearly wants to be a short sleeved pullover, formfitting, hip length, low scoop neck, meant to be worn over a cami or long sleeved tee.

Now that she knows what she is going to be when she grows knits up, she will just have to get in line and wait, like the rest of them.

At least, she isn't whining at me anymore.


Some people knit with yarn. Some people have conversations with it.



Anonymous said...

The offset ones look like little maple leaves!!

La Cabeza Grande said...

I guess the La Orangerie knows what she wants, most assuredly! Sounds like it'll be a wonderful topper that will fit perfectly with your coloring, Susan.

Anonymous said...

That is gorgeous. The colorway is so pretty!

amy said...

The one where the colors went wonky? I LIKE those colors! I mean, I like the orange too (I like autumn colors), but I REALLY like those colors. I suppose there's no way to get a colorway that doesn't exist, hmm?

Opal said...

i'm not a big fan of orange, but that one is knitting up beautifully!

Denise said...

I love the Pumpkin Curry and how she's coming along - is it a slip stitch pattern? I really like those, gives a great texture, and not too lacy.

Donna Lee said...

The stitches look like autumn leaves which are perfect for the colors. I am not an orange person, but that is really pretty.

Lucia said...

That is stunning! And I'm glad I'm not the only one with talking yarn.

Lisa said...

That sounds like the perfect project for that yarn! I would like to make something like that myself. I love those colors!