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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Public Enemy #1


Pippin Pandorf

Description: Siamese, 1 foot, 1 inch tall, blue eyes, Brown ear and tail markings. Known to operate while wearing dark mask to conceal his true nature.

Known aliases: Slinky, Pipperinski, Lover Boy, Sweetie, Pretty Boy

Wanted for:

Wanton disregard of personal property

Theft of valuable resources

Illegal disbursement of properly packaged goods

Destruction of assets


If found, call authorities immediately. Suspect is armed (claws) and dangerous (will steal your heart if you let him.) Do not try to apprehend on your own.


Good thing Cherry (and her yarn cake) are too big to bat.

That would be a deal breaker...


Zarzuela said...

Oooh noooo! Bad kitty!!

At least she only drags it around. Mine tries to eat it. :-P


teabird said...

Cherry looks good enough to eat!

Opal said...

Oh Pippin! You naughty naughty boy!

Like Jessica said, at least he didn't eat it. Quincy likes to tear yarn up into little bits.

And Cherry? C'est magnifique!

Kim said...

Thank goodness he didn't get hold of Cherry! Maybe Pippin is interested in a little yarn stash of his own!

amy said...

I'm still teaching our new kitty that yarn is NOT a toy. We are VERY stern on that rule in this house, and since he chose us, he'll just have to comply. :)

Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

Oh no - was Pippin discovered looking very innocent in a corner and remarkably surprised at all the yarn everywhere! Cherry is looking as cute as pie if you'll forgive the bad pun!

La Cabeza Grande said...

Cherry, baby! Thank your lucky stars you were saved from a fate worse than pitting, with The Pippin on the loose.

He's a heart-breaker!
Don't you mess around with Pip.
No, no, no!

Michelle said...

Due to allergies, me nor anyone else in my family has ever owned a cat, so I really don't know these creatures very well. I remember when I was little, always seeing on cartoons how kittens would play with yarn and make a big mess, but I guess I never really though it was for real. I don't know if you would agree, but I find your pics absolutely adorable!

Denise said...

Bad bad kitty! But can you blame him? All that lovely woolly yumminess TAUNTING him?!

Donna Lee said...

I may have spotted the gang that Pippin hangs with here in my house. They are hardened criminals of the worst kind, with no respect for private property!

Anonymous said...

Your shawl is stunning!!!

Carol said...

Cherry is breathtaking! Pippin is a baaad kitty! Is he too clever for say a swatch left alone with a tiny scarp ball of yarn? They usually are ;)