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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Promises and Progress Reports

Look what I found today!
A sunflower wreath for the front door! We need to add a little curb appeal before we list the house, and I was tickled yellow to find this little item in the Williams Sonoma catalog. (I love that store!) Perfect, no? It wasn't available in the store so I had to order on-line.

Have finished the fir cone section of wing o' the moth. Onward and upward (or should I say outward!) At any rate it will be good to move along to the border. This is actually the first shawl I have ever knit that has a border. Could get v-e-r-r-y i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n-g!

Monkey socks have surrendered their spot as comfort knitting in favor of this:

Yup! Everybody knows Chevron. She gets around. Rumor has it she is (how can I put this delicately?) keeping company with over 100 knitters nationwide (not even counting Canada!) Lord only knows what she is doing worldwide! Like I said, she gets around.

This picture reminds me of the time I went to the Zoo and the animal keeper in the reptile house (I have two brothers. They always wanted to see the snakes and spiders. UGH!) gave the snake a live mouse to eat. You could see the bulge move down. EEWW!


Here are some other UFOs that haven't had their moment in the sun yet:

Clapotis in Handmaiden's Silk Maiden. Love the pattern but doesn't it seem like it just goes on FOREVER?!?
Oh - color is Rose Garden. (From my pink phase in April. Although it has some nice streaks of green and brown. I think this will be lovely with my brown pants.) The yarn is heaven to work with - single ply silk and wool - weight is reminiscent of Fiesta's La Luz.

And this is the front of the Heartbeat Sweater, also in silk maiden, color Nova Scotia. (Can you tell I love this yarn?)

I love the way the colors radiate in this one. Also a very quick knit. I did this in a day while watching Planet Earth (Fabulous!!! See it!!! Now!!!) The back is the same and then you add on two tiny cap sleeves. Should be great for the dog days of Summer.

This neglected lovely is Nicole from Chic Knits.

It's knitting up nicely in Nashua's Ecologie Cotton. The yarn is a little splitty, but I love the subtle variations in color. Almost looks tea dyed. Perfect for a vintage looking piece like this. Would also be great for some of the White Lies designs. It's very soft. Did I mention THE COLOR? Click to get a closer view of a crappy photo. (Hey, I'm still learning here - The first shot had my hulking shadow in the frame!)

And one finished object - YAY!!! Also (what else?) silk maiden, this time in Peridot.

(It really is too yummy! You've gotta get some. If you think seasilk is great, wait till you see this. It's like crack in a skein!)
This is the cover sweater from the current Rowan Spring Summer collection. I love how the colors fade into each other and I also love the little ruffled edge.


Ooh, pretty!

And check out these cuties! The yarn is gorgeous too. I mean, we're talkin' serious pron here. Be still my heart!

I'll leave you with the promised picture of Baby boy the night he was born. Sorry for the flash reflection - unavoidable unless I remove said picture from its frame (and I'm way too lazy for that!)

Baby boy a.k.a. Nicholas at thirty seconds (if that) of age.

And here is Nick today, at twenty.

Hasn't he aged nicely? Well- rounded with a spicy finish. Pair him with a nice chunk of cheddar (not that he's cheesy or anything) and there you go...

Baby boy has a big day ahead of him tomorrow. Can't reveal any details, but please keep him in your prayers.


For everything!


Anonymous said...

cute sweater and handsome boy - 20 - where does the time go?

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

How dare you say you don't have the time to make marzipan knitting!! :-) Look at all the beautiful projects you're making... just put your real knitting down for a minute and you'll be good to go!

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

Marzipan Muggle?!? LOL!!! I admit I haven't used marzipan since I visited Denmark in 1984... You did, however, make me google "marzipan blog" and altho' I didn't find one marzipan blog, I found lots of posts devoted to marzipan, so maybe there's a market-did you know that January 12th was National Marzipan Day??? (In what country?) Too bad we missed it: http://justbaking.net/2007/01/12/celebrate-marzipan/

margene said...

Clapotis is nice 'process' knitting. The yarn, the pattern...perfection...enjoy the journey. ;-)
Your boy is very handsome. Time does fly and kids are the best way to see it go by quickly

Anonymous said...

All the pretty projects! 20 years old. I am striving to make it to my son's 2nd birthday! It's fun though!

Donna Lee said...

I love clapotis. The color is really nice and it looks so delicate and feminine. Sometimes it is so nice to look like a girl....

La Cabeza Grande said...

Outstanding WIP list! I have some of the same things on my needles or wish list.

I love the "30 seconds to 20 years" shots. All the best to your family.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mom... pretty sure when Dad told me the story of that photo he said it was me (Michael) not Nick. Maybe my memory is fuzzy but I'd be willing to put money that that is a picture of me.

Susan Pandorf said...

Nope. Sorry. It's Nick.

Trust me I was there...