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Friday, June 8, 2007

You Define Eye Candy Your Way; I'll Define It My Way!

I know you're probably expecting pretty pictures of my garden or the sunset or something else suitably inspirational.

Well, you ain't gonna get it.

Is this not the coolest thing you've ever seen?

This, my friends, is an Ipod docking station with damn good sound. But the best part?

Finger added for scale, not because I'm a lousy photographer. Although I am a lousy photographer, but that's not why it's in the picture. Clear? Good, let's continue...

Look how thin it is!

This travel speaker is almost as lightweight as the Nano itself. Now I can take my music, yoga routine, and audible downloads, to say nothing of podcasts of Tales from Lake Woebegon and Lime & Violet, with me wherever I go!

What? You say, you already do that with your trusty headphones? Well what if you are the only one in the lake cottage and you can't hear the phone because you have your headphones on?

(I wear hearing aids so I have to use old fashioned headphones that cover my ears or I get feedback. Nothing ruins a good piece of music or the sonorous tones of Garrison Keeler's mellifluous voice like feedback. It is the bane of the hearing impaired, trust me.)

And what if the phone call is the Michigan State Lottery calling to tell you you have only 24 hours to claim your million dollars?

Or what if you're in the middle of your yoga routine and all is zen? And then you push yourself up into downward dog - and the head phones fall off? No more zen.

So, I am excited by this stunning little (emphasis on little) piece of technology. I've been looking for something exactly like this for months now, ever since I got my Nano. And just in time to test drive it next week, when I visit my Dad for Father's Day weekend.

OK, Pippin says it's time for bed.



Donna Lee said...

I don't have a nano, you can't download books onto it. I do have a wonderful mp3 player which I can use to listen to talented folks read me stories as I ride the train to work. If I read, all hell is likely to break loose as I throw up on the train. I also like to listen to books as I knit (simple patterns). I like the idea of a yoga routine, I'll have to look for one.

AJ said...

I've never heard of those exercises. I would definitely be interested in learning about them. My jaw isn't hurting too bad, but it is still sore.

Your kitty is absolutely adorable. Pippin? Too cute!

Anonymous said...

I liked the picture of your cat! What make are your hearing aids?

La Cabeza Grande said...

Downward dog and your headphones fall off. He-hee! Enjoy your 'Pod. Mine is old school (lime green) and I still adore it.

Pippin is a cutie!

Rachel said...

aahhh--another Garrison fan. Have to love his voice. Have you listened to his Writer's Almanac...you can get those as daily podcasts too...about 5 minutes every week day.

very cute cat by the way!