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Saturday, July 31, 2010


"You win some, you lose some, and some get rained out, but you gotta suit up for them all."

- Satchel Paige

Life is all about keepin' goin' out here on the sunflower farm these days. Life with a toddler in residence is a challenge. Two steps forward, one step back.

Or (more accurately) two steps forward, take a half hour break for cat video browsing, two steps forward, become human jungle gym for grandson, two steps forward, explain where Grandpa is & why Grandma needs to work instead of play...

You got the picture yet?

Perseverance is key. Just keep on pluggin' away at it and eventually it gets done.

And speaking of done...

Galadriel's Mirror is finished - YAY!

Here is a shot of the lower border as it comes together in the center point.

It is hard to tell from these photos, but the border design features a triple leaf motif and the same twisted stitch pattern from earlier in the design, separated by the openwork and finished off with a crocheted loop bind off.

GM is in test knit right now; am hoping for an August release date.

Lots of other stuff goin' on right now:

Have been working on a free pattern for all of you, in the LOTR theme. This is Weathertop, a nifty little reversible scarf in Rowan's Revive recycled yarn. The yarn looks just like weathered stone. Will knit a bit more on it and release later this week.

Bombadil is ready to go - just waiting on my model so I can get a lovely head shot for the front of the pattern and then she will be whisked away into your hot little hands.

And my yarn for the Bag End felted tote bag arrived in today's mail. It is Anna's Yarn from Unique Sheep in (l. to r.) Golden Ale, Lager, Amber Ale, Machiatto, & Stout

I have been waiting breathlessly for this shipment, as I am teaching the mosaic knit bag class at their annual retreat in September. Should be a lot of fun!

While waiting, I did design work for one of the Two Towers patterns. This is Emyn Muil, a triangular scarf/shawlette) in Madelinetosh lace. (Please ignore the kitty derriere - squatter's rights!)
I was inspired by this photo of the endless rocky repetitive landscape Frodo & Sam first meet Gollum in.

The scarf is knit side to side and features a very repetitive pattern of overlapping peaks (just like its inspiration)

Guess that's about it for today. Short stuff should be here any moment, so better make this brief.

Reporting live from the toddler front lines...catch ya later!


Laurie said...

Lovely work all! I'm sure I'd not be able to do nearly as well with a toddler underfoot. It's all I can do to knit a row with a senior dog in the house. :-)

Donna Lee said...

Galadriel's Mirror is as beautiful as I imagined. I am looking forward to it!

Having a toddler around the house is tiring but they bring such life to everyone/thing around them.

Laughingrat said...

That is a good-lookin' tam.

Anonymous said...

I think my heart stopped for a moment. That Galadriel's Mirror is indescribably beautiful. You can bet I'll be buying a pattern when it comes out!

Oh dear, but I haven't finished my Evenstar yet...