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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Goldberry Errata

As in the Evenstar errata listing earlier, the wrong side decreases are backwards - chart is correct but key and written directions are wrong

wrong side decreases should be as follows:

knit 2 tog (/) should be purl 2 tog if done on wrong side
ssk ( backward slash) should be ssp on wrong side

A software glitch resulted in wrong side direction of decreases being reversed - new version (Goldberry2) has been corrected as best I can - program won't let me edit stitch library - have requested patch from developer.

In the meantime I have re done the written directions and overwritten the key in red. Every one who purchased the pattern has received a new corrected copy by email, subject: revision

Sorry for this problem - I don't know why my test knitter and proofreader didn't catch it.

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Laurie said...

I took a quick peek at Clue #7 and had to go take a nap. LOL! Thank goodness I'm still happily plugging away on Clue #5 and have time to work up my courage. One thing I have learned about with this project is that I cannot knit more than 3-4 rows/rounds of lace without taking a major "easy, no-brainer project break" between sessions.