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Thursday, March 11, 2010


"Hasten slowly and ye shall soon arrive."

-Latin proverb

Things have been a bit busy today, so not a lot of time...

But I wanted to share progress pics of Dwarrowdelf with you. I have finished the back strip and am beginning to knit down from it. The yarn continues to delight me. Will let you know as soon as I have firm amounts.

Third clue for Evenstar comes out tomorrow at 3:00 EST.

Back to the salt mines...


Junifee said...

It looks great!! I love it already!

Regards from Germany

PatV said...

I just found your website via Ravelry and am enthralled by your beautiful patterns - and have subscribed to the Fellowship of the Ring collection.

We are avid LOTR folk - and have 4 kittens named Ranger (all black and watches everything), Frodo (very fluffy), and Meri & Pippin (always together and usually in trouble)

Thank you for your patterns and I'm really looking forward to this!