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Saturday, January 16, 2010


"Patience is power; with time and patience the mulberry leaf becomes a silk gown."

-Chinese proverb

And the BMFA Silk Thread II becomes an Evenstar!

I want to cast on - badly!

But I'm being a good little knitter and swatching first.

Later gators...


Anonymous said...

I can't stand it! There's no current funding for silk thread (and there's none in my stash), so I can't KAL on Evenstar. Arrgh! I will, however, sign up so as to feel a part of things, especially of the Haiti effort.

While you all are enjoying Evenstar, ladies and gents, I'll be consoling myself by starting my long-awaited Byzantine project.

And Susan, your post yesterday was straight up accurate; I've been talking to my grandson a lot lately about being thankful for what we DON'T have to endure just as much for what we DO have. He's only seven, but I think he's getting it.

In that vein, I'm praying gratitude that I'm in the position of having to "make do" with Byzantine instead of Evenstar. This is hardly a tragedy, no?

Natalie K.

Donna Lee said...

That is beautiful yarn, Susan. I'm waiting for mine to get here. While at the grocery store, I was feeling grateful for the food in my cart and the fact that my children have never gone hungry. Our local store collects for the south jersey food bank on a regular basis and today they added the Red Cross. With so much to be thankful for, how can I say no? (I can't )

Dr. Jackie said...

OOOOooooo shiny!

Rabbitknitz said...

YOWZA!! That yarn is HOT!! This is like watching the biggest Summer blockbuster movie trailer...!

Sandra La Knitalian said...

that yarn is freakin' SHINY! I'm gonna need shades from my house when you're done!


M Dawson said...

I could weep with envy! No I can't use silk but I am sorely tempted to enrol.... (No I haven't knitted a single shawl yet.....)

Anonymous said...

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