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Friday, December 18, 2009

Once More with Attitude!

Man's rise or fall, success or failure, happiness or unhappiness depends on his attitude... a man's attitude will create the situation he imagines.

- James Allen

Bet you all thought I wasn't going to post today! I spent the morning emptying out my bank account (common this time of year) and the afternoon just plain got away from me.

At 5:00, Baby Boy/Family Man brought grandson Conner over for us to babysit. Every thought of Ravelry, knitting, plurking, blogging, etc. went flying out the window and took off like Rudolph on steroids.

I see that little smile and there is nothing in the world but that sweet face and even sweeter disposition. Yeah...I've got it bad!

Now the little charmer is sound asleep and I am picking back up the reins of my little endeavor.

The chat boards over on Plurk have been chock full of snow forecasts and Christmas preparations. And I have noticed that the same thing that brings joy to one, is a source of aggravation to another.

One person can't wait for the snow to begin; another speaks poetically of the big fat flakes drifting gently downward. Someone else is complaining about digging his driveway out and yet aonther can't believe all the idiots at the grocery store and on the road.

Some are looking forward to time spent off from work; others have had plenty of time off, thank you very much, and would do just about anything to be putting in some 40 hour work weeks.

Some revel in the baking, the shopping, the knitting, the wrapping, the decorating, the partying. Others pull the blankets over their heads, mutter "Bah Humbug" under their breath and wish the month long bacchanalia was over.

It seems that one person's "[dream] of a white Christmas" is another poor soul's "Nightmare Before Christmas." It all depends on who you ask. And sometimes, when you ask.

We are all short on time this month and many of us are tired out. We ask a lot of ourselves in December. We want to be Martha Stewart, but we wind up Erma Bombeck.

But that's OK. Face it; we can't do it all. We can try, but there is a cost to be paid in our sanity and serenity.

Most situations we face in life are double edged swords. The snow is beautiful - until you have to drive in it. The presents are generous outpourings of love - until you have to pay for them. The cookies are absolutely delicious - until you step onto the scales in January.

Conner is so thrilled by everything this Christmas - the lights, the shiny ornaments, the bright colors of the wrappings & ribbons, his first taste of hot cocoa or pumpkin pie. It is all a never-ending adventure, a source of giggles and smiles of wonder. It is all new to him; all looked upon with fresh and unbiased eyes.

Happiness and contentment are fleeting things at best. But joy - well, joy is ever-lasting. Our circumstances are often out of our control, but our attitudes are not.

We shape how we see our world. And how we see our world shapes us.

Dream or Nightmare? YOU decide...

I'm going to go peek in on my own little babe - and say a simple prayer to God.

Lord, let me see the world through his eyes...

Just to spread the joy around, I will be giving away a free pattern (of your choice - Spruce excluded) to one commenter a day through Christmas, randomly chosen by Mrs. Claus (just me - don't get too excited).

I'll announce the previous day's winner in each post this month, If you are the winner, email me your preference at susanpandorf@comcast.net and I'll email your pattern right out to you.

Doesn't that sound like a lot of fun?

Yesterday's winner is: Kristin. Email me, girl...

Now aren't you glad you left a comment?


Sandra La Knitalian said...

Babies, like the Season of Giving, have a way of melting our hardened hearts, don't they?
I am so glad I added your blog updates to mine; makes it easier to keep up when days get a little frazzled, and really brings me back to center.
Love your wit too :)

Ogawd did that sound too "suck-up-y"~ didn't mean to :)


Amy said...

Attitude is everything! But it *is* difficult to keep our focus at this time of year. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy the season. :)

Anonymous said...

The storm you all are going to get on the East coast was here in Louisiana yesterday - we got 2.5 inches of rain in one day! I can only imagine what will happen in really cold air.

Abigail said...

I respect snow. I enjoy snow. But when it gets to the point of dangerous and I still have to go to work? Then we start having issues...

Still, I do love a White Christmas.


Karen M said...

Little kids that love you are the best. Every age is wonderful but two was my favorite for my nieces.

Arly said...

The holiday season always brings something new. New snow, new traditions, new family members, new reasons to celebrate. Just sit back and enjoy.

Unknown said...

I have a 2-year-old niece, and I love to see how she notices all the Christmas ornaments around the house. Oh and she learned long ago how to unwrap presents... :-) Kids are wonderful

Suz B said...

I love the snow and a bit sad it has not reached us yet.....soon I hope!!


Laura said...

Well said about attitude and perspective. We got the snow during the night, now work is canceled.

T said...

Oh you are so right, #1 son has a lovely girlfriend with three little boys - the youngest of which has stolen my heart at 5 years old. They are all wonderful boys but that little impish grin and adorable lisp just gets me ever time. It is truly wonderful to see the world through their eyes!

Monika said...

Thanks for this post! Very well said.

Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

Isn't it true! :) It must be so fun doing all those firsts with Connor. :)

Diana said...

We too enjoy christmas more with our 8 year-old's excitement. Plus we just had some snow (in NC), so he's doubly happy!

knitandputt said...

No grandkids yet, but does a grandpuppy count? He loves the snow! We got 2 inches of snow overnight, and he had so much fun running around the backyard. after getting wiped down he is curled up fast asleep. I love how everything is white covered in snow, tonight we are planning a walk about in the neighborhood to look at everyones decorated houses.

squiggi said...

It's so easy to get caught up in the "perfectness" of the season. Much better to take time to relfect a bit somewhere in there.

Luise said...

Everything *is* a double-edged sword. So very true. Especially as we age! And the only real pleasures come from people we love. When I recall joyful moments, they're always something like the running hug from a 2+ nephew, a college nephew saying that I never bother him when I call. Aging does give us perspective, always sorely needed. Have a joyful holiday and hug your loved ones, especially Connor.

Rabbitknitz said...

Addressing the very idea you blog about here, my husband and I decided to simplify this year. We hosted both his and my families last year. It was great, but we were both wiped out. This year, it is just him and me, a tree, a ham and no computers. Just good quality holiday time!

Carla Willingham said...

I couldn't agree more!!! And the part about "what time you ask" is sooooo me!! One minute I'm all misty eyed about Christmas, the next minute it's "when is this @#$!! going to be over!!!"
:D Carla

Lois poohknits said...

Aren't grandbabies wonderful!!!! I have 6 and they are the best!! It is so wonderful to watch the world through their eyes. I love everything about Christmas and winter and every other season too!

baby face said...

Almost everything you blog is what
I feel. I am not well and had so
many things that I wanted to do
for the holidays for my children
and grandchildren and I'm not
able to do them. I was frustrated
and dissapointed with myself.Then
I received six lovely pictures of
my great grandbaby and the other
things just aren't that important.
I managed so far to have something
for all my children and grandchildren and I'm just grateful that I can still take care of myself with a little help
from friends. And still trying to
do a little knitting.

Kristen said...

I AM so glad that I left a comment! And I'm totally thrilled to get Mendhi!

Brenda said...

Loved your point about the double edged sword -- so true !!

Ann said...

"We want to be Martha Stewart, but we wind up Erma Bombeck." This one made me laugh out loud. Long ago I learned to enjoy the season by embracing my inner Erma. Wishing you all the joys of Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy Christmas through your Grandson's eyes. They grow all too quickly don't they!!

Anonymous said...

FYI: check out MMALACH on Etsy for the cutest Knitter's Emergency Ornament.