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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Free Enterprise

"The basic rule of free enterprise: You must give in order to get."
-Scott Alexander

It seems my mental inkwell is running on empty these days. I struggle with finding the right words. This post had three other titles before I settled on this one, to whit:
  • If It's Free, It's Fun
  • Larger Than Life
  • Carry On
It seems I know I need to post, but am not sure what to talk about. I am overdue for a "think" piece, but find myself returning time and again to the mute, but satisfying enterprise beneath my fingertips:

My knitting.

Some times we are eloquent, outspoken, social...

And sometimes we just want our solitude.

The great thing about knitting is, you can have it both ways.

You can join a KAL, participate in a swap, chatter away on Ravelry, hop down to your LYS or over to the bookstore for your knitting group.

Or you can sit silently, with none to keep you company, save your needles and length of string.

And still feel fulfilled, nourished, useful.

This enterprise of mine is yet a wee thing, barely a year old, yet it has given me so much joy.

You have given me so much joy.

It confounds me, when you thank me for sharing:
  • my patterns
  • my second hand yarn
  • my thoughts
For it seems to me that I am the one who must thank you for sharing:
  • your time
  • your talent
  • your appreciation
It seems an unequal transaction to me - like what I give is not nearly deserving of what I get. Yet, wonder of wonders, you seem to feel the same - like what you give is not nearly deserving of what you get.

Is this the definition of codependency? Or fellowship? Or both?

All I know is that it is my turn to give. It is always my turn to give.

For you have given me so much.

So for all of you out there who don't want to wait, here's the FREE directions for the Lime Scarf


Size: 12 in. wide by 64 in. long (unblocked)
Materials: 500 yds. Lenpur Linen or other DK weight yarn
Size 8 (US) needles
Gauge: 4 st = 1 in (stockinette)

Cast on 52 stitches. Work in ten row repeat as follows:

Rows 1 & 3: Purl
All wrong side (even) rows: Purl
Row 5 & 9: P2, *YO, K2 tog; rep from * to last 2 stitches. P2.
Row 7: P2, * K2tog, YO; rep from * to last 2 stitches. P2.

Repeat until desired length, ending with row 4.

Bind off.

K2tog-knit 2 together

That's all there is to it. Will also post pattern on Ravelry for free download.

Bless you all for what you have given me. I am forever humbled and grateful.


teabird said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you, I have just the right yarn!

Megan said...

you are sooooo sweet! Thanks so much for the beautiful free pattern. hugs!

52knit4 said...

Blessings abound in both directions...Thanks so much...I'm on the very last part of leaves of Grass....seems like I've been working on it a while...I finally had to just focus on it...so, of course, I'll NEED to cast on something new...hehehe...Green, my favorite!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing! Thank you Susan for all your beautiful patterns... they give me great joy.

Anne O'Nymous said...

I just discovered your blog via Ravelry, and I am in awe. Lovely work!

Your wondering about fellowship and codependency reminded me of a couple I once knew. They were married on July 4, 1976, and over their fireplace was a document they had written and signed and which was also signed by everyone else in attendance. It was the "Declaration of Interdependence."

It seems to me that we are supposed to be connected, and we do not always know what it is that we have to offer to others, not do we always know what we need. Life can be like that.

knitterbeader said...

Thank you much for the free pattern. You're such a sharing, kind person. Can't wait to cast on now!

GoldenTracks said...

Guess it's a symbiontic relationship we have developed, my friend. :~}
Thanks for the free pattern. {{{HUGS}}}}}

Ann said...

Thank you for sharing. You have given me the inspiration to knit all those fabulous designs.

Anonymous said...

It's not transactional; it's a gift. Both ways.