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Friday, March 13, 2009

Come On Down!

"What has become clear to you since we last met?"
- Benjamin Franklin

When my sister Jaime and I were much younger, we used to watch The Price Is Right on television. Lying on the floor, two feet from the telly, chins propped on our elbows, we waited for that clarion call...

"Come on down!"

We knew that great opportunity awaited those fortunate few who came on down. Glorious prizes, unforeseen riches, new cars, bedroom suites, fabulous vacations.

Coming down was a good thing.

What a contrast to our current malaise. The Dow is down - jobs are down - incomes are down - travel is down - GDP is down - college funds are down - 401Ks are down.

We are down.

But NOT out.

Never out. Not while we draw breath, not while we draw together, not while we refuse to live in fear.

Our new president is fond of saying that within great crisis, lies great opportunity.

Smart man.

We can use this time to refocus our energies, our desires, and our priorities to that which holds true value, rather than fleeting pleasure.

One of the things I cherish about knitting is the amount of time it consumes. Sure, sometimes I wish I was further along. But true works of the heart most often take both our love and our time. And I believe that is as it should be.

It is akin to the difference between a Hershey's kiss and a long, slow roasted, Sunday chicken. One feeds. The other nourishes.

We owe it to ourselves to look at our lives and give thoughtful concern to that which is worth our time.

And pursue it with all the depth of heart, mind, and soul, which we possess.

New cars and fancy vacations were, to my adolescent mind, the best of prizes possible. Now I know better.

I know the difference between pleasure and joy.

Between satisfaction and fulfillment.

Between desire and love.

Between want and need.

So, come on down!

Great opportunity awaits...


Speaking of which, the February stitch markers were won by Diane Luman, John Colloca, and Gayle Schostakowski.

Congratulations and thanks for playing.

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Anonymous said...

We used to watch that as well and I always wanted to win the goat behind door #2. Guess who I have in the back acreage? My 2 pygora girls. Dreams do come true. C:

knitterbeader said...

You are so right! It's amazing when you think about what you can do without and still have a nice quality of life. (of course, I can't do without my yarn). But my hubby and I are learning that there are a lot of things and places to go that really aren't necessary and rather frivolous. Just time to sit down and knit and remember what's important - your family, your health, all the people around you, etc.