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Monday, August 25, 2008

She's Come Undone

"She's come undone
She didn't know what she was headed for
And when I found what she was headed for
It was too late"
-the Guess Who


I wore Zinnia to Stitches West.

I thought I was done...

And then I came undone.

One of the reasons I use test knitters is for pattern feedback. In other words, I am not only interested in whether they can knit the pattern as written; I am also concerned with their level of enjoyment.

This is where Zinnia came undone.

We had a rebellion in the ranks. Jeannie emailed me Friday night asking if I was sure I really wanted to complete each outer point of the pattern separately, with the attendant breaking and joining of yarn and weaving in of multiple ends.

She politely suggested I warn potential buyers of this deadly disaster slight inconvenience in advance.

Now, knowing I am not perfect (HA!) I listen to people. And I pay attention to what I hear.

And this was the result...

This is the first time I have redesigned a piece AFTER it was blocked, finished, and worn.

Because nothing is too good for my knitters. Happy knitting isn't the only thing; it's EVERY-thing!

So I cut off all the ladybugs and separate points, pulled back two pattern repeats, and reworked the edge design.

Stay tuned...


What else came undone this weekend?

Well, anyone who has been reading my blog for a while knows my computer has been stretched to its limit in the past year. I want a new one, but budget constraints dictate otherwise.

Until now.

DH dropped my laptop. It is now held together by a wing and a prayer...

And a vise clamp.

New laptop is on order. Happy birthday to me (next month.)

Zinnia is well into her cosmetic makeover and on schedule for her Saturday release.

Because what comes undone can always be redone.

Hey, it worked for Humpty Dumpty...

Or not...

"All the king's horses and all the king's men..."

Well now. There is their first mistake.

They should have drafted a determined knitter. We would have gotten it done...


dmw said...

I am sorry for the extra work the re-vamp will entail, but appreciate the work being done to make it "work" (lots of work words there)

and while the computer needed to fall to bring about the new one.. yay for new computers!

Lucia said...

You're a very kind designer.

I've done a couple of lace designs involving diamonds, such as this one; I really like the way they look with the diamonds taken all the way out to the edge, but it does involve an awful lot of ends.

La Cabeza Grande said...

A designer's got to do what a designer's got to do, mais oui? Just think of all the happy knitters and good will as you rework your creation.

As lucia says, you're a kind designer.