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Thursday, June 26, 2008


"The past cannot be regained, although we can learn from it; the future is not yet ours even though we must plan for it.... Time is now. We have only today."
-Charles Hummel

You know how I told you on Tuesday, I always put things off, by saying "Not yet; not yet"?


Last weekend, we bought Michael's wedding suit, as well as my husband's. Monday night I attended my son's fiancee Ashley's bridal shower, which was just lovely.

And Sunflower Designs is taking a back seat these days, in favor of a project near and dear to my heart...

for a very special person who is also near and dear:

my soon to be daughter-in-law.

Ashley is bright and talented and kind and funny. And the love she shares with my eldest is a joy to watch. I know that my heart can rest easy as I turn the keeping of my son's heart over to another woman. She will guard it well.

And me? I am lucky enough to be knitting a wedding shawl for the ceremony. Her dress has open shoulders and she needs a covering for the catholic service. It is my privilege and delight to be part of this special day for them.

My heart overflows as I imagine her wrapped in a tangible, touchable sign of our family's love and blessing of this union, which has been so long in the making.

Ashley and Michael dated in high school, through college, and have been formally engaged for over a year.

And what once seemed so far off, is now imminent.

August 8th imminent.

6 weeks away imminent.

Not yet has turned into...



Yes, now...


You will notice a strong resemblance between Ashley's shawl and Hydrangea. I designed the scarf as a "testing ground" for the design elements I have included in the shawl, which I named after Ashley's favorite flower.

(When you are working in white, you don't want to work and rework the pattern as I always wind up doing in the development phase.)

The shawl will have a longer stretch of the simpler stripe pattern that appears only in the lower corners of the scarf. The main lattice motif with its surrounding leaves will appear at the center back of the shawl as a diamond, like Moroccan Days/Arabian Nights. That way, Ashley will have a beautiful back view as she stands up at the front of the church and recites her vows.

Did I mention how awed and pleased I am that she finds my work worthy of this occasion?

So, all you Garden Varietals, you can have your hydrangea scarves on July 22nd.

But the shawl?

It's an exclusive

This one's going out to the ones I love.

Don't worry Ashley.

Before you say, "I do..."

I'll say, "It's done."

That's a promise from me to you.


Knit and fall back in it said...

What an honor to be asked to design something so special.

Ann said...

It's lovely & I love the pearls. It's so great that you are designing & knitting the wedding shawl - it will be a family heirloom!

Unknown said...

Beautiful work, beautiful story and a beautiful bride.

Happiness to all.

Pat K said...

Something so wonderful to look forward to. Enjoy the knitting - I know you will. She will be a beautiful bride.

Donna Lee said...

You brought tears to my eyes as I read this. It's so wonderful when our children meet someone and fall in love and the love is returned. It feels 'right' and like the world will go on in a good way. Congrats to the young couple! And lucky you to embrace into your family a new member. Families can never have too many members.

Anonymous said...

What a gift! I'm praying for granddaughters that will wear it some day!