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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Jingle, Jingle

Dashing through the snow grass
In a one horse open sleigh Subaru Outback
O'er the fields roads we go
Laughing mentally kicking myself for not starting my Xmas knitting in July all the way

Bells on bobtail cash registers ring
Making spirits bright wallets slim
Oh what fun a chore it is to sing spend
A sleighing song my hard earned bucks tonight today

C'mon everybody!

Sing along!

Jingle bucks
Shopping sucks
How I hate EBay
Wish I'd git
time to knit
my presents any way-hey

Hate to crawl
Through the mall
How I'd rather be
Getting my kicks
With string and sticks
Beneath the Christmas tree!

*Note to self: Christmas knitting can only be called Christmas knitting if it's done by... oh, I don't know...Christmas?

*Second note to self: Resolved: I will NOT let the lack of time for personal knitting get in the way of a joyous holiday.

*Third note to self: Get over it and get on with it.

*Fourth note to self: Count blessings, not parking spaces (of which there are sure to be few)

*Fifth note to self: Five Goh-old rings (Oops! wrong song!) Put reminder on July calendar page - START CHRISTMAS KNITTING NOW!

*Sixth note to self: What are you doing fiddling about with your blog when there are shawls to knit presents to buy? Go knit shop, woman...


PS - New title for Morocco is Moroccan Days / Arabian Nights. Kim is dyeing up some deep blue lace yarn just for this project. So you will have your choice of two colors for the kit: sunny Moroccan Days with topaz beads or dreamy Arabian Nights with silver beads. Why two? Because two is more fun than one and we are, after all, in the USA at least...

Wait for it...

A two "party" system.

So put on your glad rags, break out the bubbly, and toast the new year with two...


Two knits in one! (apologies to the Doublemint twins. Please don't sue me for copyright infringement. Think of the children who won't get hand knit socks crummy store bought gifts for Christmas...)


margene said...

Friends don't let friends knit for Christmas....just stop NOW! Enjoy the season for what it means to you...no malls, no gift knitting...just good friends, good family and lots of joy!

Jane said...

I keep knitting Christmas gifts for my boss...that are never done by Christmas. Her mother was a craftster and would wrap up the half-finished (or sometimes unmade, as in a few yards of fabric) projects and put a note in there that would say "Will be a sweater" or "Will be a dress". So last year I simply gave my boss a photo of the half-knit lace scarf I was giving her!

TheBlackSheep said...

July? You're joking, right? I started in January.

I also now fear that I won't get it all in my suitcase. :P

Good luck with the shopping!

Ruth said...

Great snarky humor. I love Jingle Bucks!

Opal said...

Haha! Jingle buck! I think what I'm doing is Chinese New Year knitting. That way I have till February to complete everything. Whaddya think?

KSee said...

Thank you for putting a big grin on my face. I needed that!