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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Twenty Questions

(minus eighteen)

Random digression (or revelation by typo, take your pick):
If you shift when trying to type the number one, you get an exclamation point. How appropriate. If I was number one, I'd be excited too!

Let's try this again...

1. Do you find my current text color hard to read? I don't have any problems with it, but I got an email from someone who does. Is this easier?

2. What should I submit to Yarnival next month? Unsolicited advice or snarky humor?

3. What does faith want to be when it grows up?

Oops! That's twenty minus seventeen. Disregard.

And now, for those Halloween pooh-pooh-ers that doubt such scary things exist...

Incontrovertible proof that crop circles are real.

Okay, in
controvertible proof that crop rectangles are real.

Picky, picky, picky!!!!

Hubby is reseeding the lawn. This summer's drought killed off too much green. Hopefully, by next spring when we finally get the house on the market, the crop rectangles will be a distant

And the ultimate scare?????

Incontrovertible proof that there are only 77 shopping knitting days until Christmas

One DAY's worth of catalog mail!!! One day, people!

Who will buy? (Not me. I knit for a living giving.)

Now stop reading me, and go over to Sweet Sue's to check out this month's Yarnival (Way to go, Amy! WOOT! WOOT!)

Go on...

I'm not going anywhere...

Not even Michigan...

I'll still be here when you get back...

I promise.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I was annoyed to get 5 catalogs today...

amy said...


I don't have a problem with the brown text color. The orange, a little tough. But it might be showing up differently on my monitor, so I don't really know.

My favorites of your posts are the ones where you show your inspiration and then how you work it out in yarn. I suppose that's neither advice nor snarky humor, but it is a great glimpse into how a designer gets inspiration and then translates that into fabric, using stitch choices and yarn choices.

All my catalogs go right into the recycle bag. I try and call the ones I'll never, ever order from so they stop sending them to us, but gee, it just doesn't always make the to-do list, you know?

Denise said...

Oh the dark brown is MUCH easier on the eye - I LIKE it :D

We don't get the same deluge of catalogues here in Oz (not unless you've signed up for something)... something I definitely noticed in the States when we lived there. Too scary to think about Christmas - can we do it every two years instead?? Pleeeeeeeeeze?

margene said...

Brown, brown, brown! ;-)
Snarky humor is always in season
Faith wants to be real.

Anonymous said...

This is my first visit. I like it here!

I also like the brown type over the orange.

Kim said...

Text color looks fine to me. Those catalogs are proof that I am behind in everything and I will not get gifts knitted for Christmas - where does the time go?

La Cabeza Grande said...

The brown on this khaki background is easier on the eyes. Thanks! I usually notice things like that but went for the content instead :o)

Anonymous said...

The brown is definitely easier on these eyes. Your blog seems like a lot of fun and I like your take on creativity (and its dark side).

Opal said...

Lovin' the brown. Thanks for letting me know where this issue of Yarnival was at! Snarky humor. All the way. ;-)

TheBlackSheep said...

My two cents, the brown is better. Much easier to read.

Thanks for dropping by my blog! Glad you giggled :D

PS: You did not need to send the whole knitting world into a tizzy by actually announcing that there are only 77 knitting days until Christmas. We knew it was close without the exact count. You do realize that this means you're going to be resposible for several nervous breakdowns, many melts, and sleepless nights for everyone who reads your blog don't you? *goes off to find small secluded space for personl knitting meltdown* :P