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Monday, July 2, 2007

Welcome to Lilyland!

Isn't she lovely?
Isn't she wonderful?

Isn't she precious?
Less than one minute old!
I never thought through love we'd be

Making one as lovely as she.

But isn't she lovely, made from love?

- Stevie Wonder

Welcome to Lilyland, boys and girls, where the yarn is yummy, the knitting is lovely, and the artist formerly known as Susan is losing her mind.

Here we see our first exhibit:
Melon Seasilk #1
(pretty isn't she?)

Our next stop demonstrates what happens when you take slippery silk yarn, put eight stitches onto five different sticks and try (emphasis on try) to knit. We call it:
Tangled trainwreck #1

As overwhelming as it appears, it does (eventually) lead to this:

Circular cast on close up(By God, it does work!)

Which leads us on to our next photo

Center #1
(Isn't she lovely?)

Humph! Apparently not! (too dark)

So I guess we'll call this one
Center #1 - deconstructed

Ah, now here is something I think you'll all appreciate

Melon Seasilk #2 (lighter than her kissing cousin #1)


Tangled trainwreck #2
(That was so much fun the first time, lets do it again!)

And here it is!

A pink shower cap

We'll take a brief rest here, while the artist knits 4 rows, realizes something isn't right in Lilyland, and attempts repairs from two rows up. Now she curses. And rips back 4 rows. This time, she pays extra close attention to the chart. She's got it right now.

She's still 2 stitches short on the next round. She slugs her coffee instead of something more substantial and goes to the computer, thinking there must be something wrong with the chart. She downloads corrections, prints them out, turns to the corrections on that page, and discovers:

YES! There IS a correction of the chart! (she knew it)
NO! It's NOT for the row she's having trouble with (sigh)

Artist leaves house, bound for a meeting with her co-author, shaking her head, but secure in the knowledge that she is an expert knitter who will figure this whole stitch count thing out when she returns.

Upon her return, our intrepid heroine resumes her study. She counts the chart. She counts the stitches. Damn!

Wait! She squints. She puts her face right in the book, directly over said chart.

See? Right there!
A teeny, tiny, minuscule, MOLECULAR LEVEL "y" symbol, which means to knit 1, purl 1 into same stitch, instead of knitting one through back loop as has been the case for the past seven friggin rows.

AHA! It's not that she can't knit. It's that she can't see. (She can live with that.)

Two ripped rows, and four correct rows later, she has something to present as our last picture on the tour.
Shall we resume?

Town center of Lilyland (and all it took was two days)

That concludes our program for today, Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for coming and don't forget to stick your face into what lies (literally) right under your nose.


amy said...

What is it going to be? Is "lily" the name of the pattern? I know, I'm supposed to be sympathizing with the ripping issues (I do, you know what I've been going through with Lutea Lace), but I'm curious!!

Rachel said...

Amy beat me to it...what the heck are you knitting? I'm intrigued!

I'm feeling your pain with the ripping issues...teach me to ignore the gentle suggestion of a life line in lace patterns!

La Cabeza Grande said...

You did it all for The Lily! And she will love you for it once she is mature enough to realize your sacrifice and struggle to bring her into being.

Michelle said...

Looks very pretty! I'm really liking the slipperiness (is that a word?) of seasilk on the MS3 shawl. And if you really think the Melon is too dark... I know of a good and loving home.... ;-)

Opal said...

Ugh! I feel your pain! The charts in GOL (if that's what it is) really kill me. I tried numerous times to tackle Frost Flowers & Leaves only to give up in disgust. I do plan on attempting it again though.

BTW, the scenery is just gorgeous in Lilyland. :-)

margene said...

OH! The drama!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Heh. Oh, the trials of working with yarn- very BEAUTIFUL yarn at that!