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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Random (but technologically productive)Thursday

Was going to post a "think" piece today, but have found that after learning how to navigate Wordpress, Flickr, and Yahoo, I am out of time...

But I have still had a productive morning day. I:

Posted for the first time at the Inspired by Nature KAL (Go Lil!)
Posted for first time at Sock a Month KAL (Bad monkey!)
Set up a secret email account on Yahoo for AJ's Secret Sock Swap (Go me?)
Updated my photo set for Lil's badge (see right)
Read all about everybody's holiday festivities

Meanwhile, back in Lilyland, have finished the center motif, completed the transition to the next darker dye lot of melon seasilk and have begun the feather and fan pattern (barely.)

Progress on Lil has slowed considerably, since her girth is growing. Current speed: 4rph (rows per hour)

Of course I could go faster, IF THE FRIGGIN' CORRECTION SHEET WAS (oh, I don't know) CORRECT?

Yesterday's outrage: (and it's hard to believe) the correction sheet directions were wrong and the original as printed in the book were right.

Imagine that.


When you can't find your mouse anymore...

it must be time to find the cat

clean up your workspace. (That's Jingle, our elderly grand dame. She's shyer than Pippin. Take a bow, ol' girl!)

I did reorganize my knitting basket. Put all the KAL projects in the top basket (those with deadlines take priority, right?) That means lots of second sock yarn. ( I figure if I complete the pair in July, it counts. Right?)

Pippin wants to know who put all the lumps in the mattress.


Kristen said...

Ooh I love the yarn basket - is that one of those Lantern Moon things? And Lily, for all the difficulty, is beautiful.

Thanks for commenting about Alaska - I'm still so excited that I'm stunned by it all. Decisions decisions about the yarn to pack!

margene said...

You WERE productive!

Opal said...

i love how you figure your speed! row per hour! i do love seeing the progress of lil. i can't believe that the errata was errortic and that the original chart was correct. maybe your book is a second edition with the corrections put in?

La Cabeza Grande said...

Very productive, indeed! You've balanced my slacker bit out quite nicely, my cosmically linked twin.

Jingle is sweet. Pippin is divinely nonchalant. Lily may be difficult as Opal says, but is emerging beautifully!