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Friday, June 22, 2007

Heart Candy Friday

What do you look for when it is raining outside and your house looks like this?

Sometimes, eye candy (like sock yarn) seems to be out of stock. Oh, you know that more is on back order, but you want it today, not six weeks from now. Maybe you even need it today, because you've had a rough week.

Can't go outside because it's raining. Must be something picturesque in the house somewhere, right?
There is...

if you know where to look. Or, more to the point, how to look.

If we only use our eyes, we see packing boxes and dust bunnies, laundry piles and crowded "in" baskets, grass that needs mowing and dishes that need doing.

But if we look with our hearts, the view undergoes a remarkable change. As we shift our focus from macro to wide angle, we begin to see beyond the surface, beyond the mundane, beyond our limitations. We remember where we have been, we recognize where we are now, and we envision where we have yet to explore. It is this engagement of heart that allows us to imagine a coat of many colors when we behold a humble fleece - full of burrs, sheep sweat, and just plain dirt.

Here's what I saw this rainy June morning:

a thank you gift from a dear friend, purchased at a cute little gift shop by the shore of Lake Michigan on a sun filled October afternoon

A fledgling refrigerator masterpiece by my niece (from her early stick figure period)

An inspiration angel from one of my writer friends. She is holding a bird and the card reads, "Take the freedom to soar, be what you want to be." She keeps watch over me as I write (both the angel and the friend.)

A chipped tile trivet that bears the hand print of Baby Boy (now twenty for those of you who are new to the blog, or who aren't paying attention, or who have trouble remembering whether you turned off the oven last night and tied your shoelaces this morning (that's me!) Mother's day 1995. He was eight. I was lucky (and knew it.)

Eye candy surrounds us, if we just open our hearts.

Instead of our eyes.


margene said...

Oh yes, it's the heart eye candy that gets me through the day. My messes are bigger than yours and I'm not moving! LOL

Opal said...

i think my mess trumps your mess, but i refuse to take pictures of it. i'm just too ashamed of it all. heehee.

my heart eye candy are my cats. every day i behold them and my heart fills with love. there just isn't any need to look further. it might be a little trite with all the knitbloggers and their pets, but for me it's the truth.

Donna Lee said...

Must be something in the air. Bells was just posting about how she and some friends stop at the end of the week and find 3 positive things that happened the past week. There is so much that is beautiful and precious around us that we miss. Thanks for reminding me. Mindful living is something I am striving for.

La Cabeza Grande said...

Thanks for reminding me that I should endeavor to "open the eyes of my heart" on a daily basis.

Enjoy your weekend, my opera-loving friend :o)

amy said...

I have a trivet with MY Nicholas's footprint from his first Christmas. That was a present I made for myself that year, while I was at the paint-your-own ceramics place herding an infant and a 2-year-old who was painting mugs for his adults.

My unsolicited advice: completely okay to make your own heart candy. :-)

I like how your angel is sitting in front of writing books.

Zarzuela said...

Always good to take time out to look at what surrounds you and realize how lucky you really are. Great post!


Lisa said...

What a great outlook! Thanks for reminding all of us what to look for.