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Monday, June 25, 2007

A Tail (er, tale) of Two Monkeys

It was the best of socks. It was the worst of socks.

It was two one and a half socks with GS (not to be confused with MS - Go Claudia!)

Goldilocks Syndrome...
You know the drill, right?
One was too big
And one was too small

And one was J-U-S-T R-I-G-H-T (yeah, well, maybe not so much)

Mr. & Mrs. Monkey both signed in this morning for cosmetic surgery.






A few moments of silence please.

Question: If they're the ones having surgery, why am I feeling the pain?

When I invited these socks into my home, I had no intent of spending the entire month with them. They just don't want to leave. Maybe if I played loud rap music all night long? How about Sanjaya videos? Yeah, that'd do it.

So what do I have to show for my hardworking hospitality?


I think that says it all.


Lisa said...

Way to be brave girl! I wonder what that yarn will become....

La Cabeza Grande said...

How rude! You think they would've had the decency to tell you that they simply did not want to be Monkeys.

Opal said...

you know what? it really took a a lot of balls *cough* to realize that the socks just weren't working out and to rip them. i have a couple of pairs in which i completely and utterly deluded myself into thinking that it would all turn out okay once i grafted the toes. urgh. so did not happen.

Anonymous said...

How painful to rip but better than finishing and then not like it!

margene said...

I am so sorry for your loss. It was bound to happen as Monkeys can really be problem children and need lots of bossing around. Find a sock that is good to you right from the start...that should ease the pain.

adrienne said...

i so feel your pain. i have been down this path many a time! always in denial that the sock will work out...NOT!!!

the yarn is beautiful and will some day become the pair of socks you will truly love.