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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A Little Poetry, a Little Dance (a little seltzer down your pants)

Handknit, Heartfelt

Silk slips through fingers, soft and fine
Over, around, through and back
Motion takes over for conscious thought
Over around through and back
Needles whisper a sibilant song
Over around through and back
Heartbeat slows and thoughts align
Over around through and back

Liturgy of peace within disrupt world
Over around through and back
Over the rapids
Around the snag
Through the river
Back to God
Over around through and back

The pattern of the piece emerges
Stitch by stitch, inch by inch
Painfully slow
Painlessly still
Profoundly present
Just what is
Nothing more, nothing less

Over around through and back

Of such, a life is made.

Susan Pandorf 2005

1 comment:

margene said...

Beautifully said.
Thank you for sending your writings via email. It has been especially enlightening and enjoyable to read them.
Too often, the God in my thoughts is the Mormon God of my childhood, a God I don't know or care for much. At my age you think He wouldn't invade my thinking.
My goal is to overwrite that memory with your vision of God in purple pants. That's an idea I can clearly envision. Do you think She knit them? Thank you, again.