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Saturday, February 5, 2011

In Dreams Clue 1 Errata

In Dreams Clue 1:

Stitch notes for yarn overs should read:

On the yarnovers between repeats in rows 17, 21, 25 & 29 (marked in blue), I worked one yo rather than two btw reps 1 & 2, 2 & 3, and 3 & 4. Then on the return rows (18,22,26,30) I purled & knit into each of those single stitches. This results in a smaller opening than doing a double yarnover. On the outer edges of the main body (before rep1 & after rep 4) just purl as noted.

Notations at end of rows to see notes should be on rows 17, 21, 25, & 29

Chart is correct

Chart 2

Row 16, column 18 should be a beaded purl stitch.

Written directions should read as follows:
Row 16 (WS): “p1b, p1, p1b, p13, p1b, p1, p1b; rep from * 3 times

If anyone wants to download another copy with these changes , use the same code & do so

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