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Friday, July 23, 2010

The Second Time Around

Love is lovelier, the second time around
Just as wonderful, with both feet on the ground
It's that second time you hear your love song sung
Makes you think perhaps that love, like youth, is wasted on the young
Love's more comfortable the second time you fall
Like a friendly home the second time you call
Who can say, what brought us to this miracle we've found
There are those who'd bet
Love comes but once - and yet
I'm oh so glad we met
The second time around
- Kahn

I am six short rows from finishing Galadriel's Mirror - for the second time (almost). You see, I ran out of yarn the first time and had to go all the way back to the middle and take a repeat out before the zig-zaggy pattern change to the border. Yikes!

I have been pushing it along for the past week, wishing it was finished and barely keeping ahead of my fastest test knitter, who is loving the pattern thus far. In fact, she is so far ahead that she began working on a second GM, doubling the triangle, making a square tablecloth out of it in white cotton. No pics yet, but I will ask her to share when she gets a little further along.

The shawl has a real intricate look to it that I love, definitely different than most shawls, more substantial and done in fingering weight instead of lace-weight. The lacy bits are minimal until you get to the border and the twisted stitches really make the pattern pop.

I know it is hard to see, because she is all bunched up on the needles, but I can't wait to see her all stretched out - soonest...

This is another add on pattern, not included in the $45 subscription. Once again, I found the yarn & pattern after the sign ups were done. Once again, I will offer a $2 discount to subscribers, as I did with Rivindell & Goldberry

Two test knitters have finished the Bombadil Tam, so that pattern should be out to subscribers and available for individual purchase next week. As soon as it is ready, I will email it out to the fine folks at String Theory who are putting kits together with Caper Sock (which is what I used) One of my test knitters used Knitpicks with beautiful results.

I do want to make sure one of them was using the written directions (not just charts)before release. Pesky little suckers. Mind like a sieve - good thing I make notes...

Another thing I am getting a second go at this week: having a toddler in the house. Son & grandson staying with us while in between houses. I had forgotten how busy a toddler is. He is a joy (as was Daddy) but into everything and curious about it all. I have already taught him Grandma lingo. He says, "hat, shawl, and wind ( as in yarn, not climate)."

And on the subject of second chances, tomorrow - July 24th - there WILL BE A STASH SALE! Lots of goodies from MadelineTosh, Tanis Fiber Arts, Sanguine Gryphon, Blue Moon, & Hand maiden.

Didn't get to do this last weekend as aforementioned toddler changed my plans for the day.

So c'mon back over here tomorrow afternoon and peruse the goodies. My sales are legendary - don't miss out!

And now, I am gonna tackle those six rows - hurry, hurry, hurry...

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