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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just Had to Share...

snort - giggle

For those on Dwarrowdelf watch, I just sent the finished pattern to the proofreader. As soon as she looks it over & gives me the thumbs up, I'll send it out to your hot little hands. Thanks for your patience!

Subscribers should have gotten a confirmation request from AWeber: my email server. This is their way of ensuring that I am not spamming. I just exported the list over to them today. Much easier to do in one big file than individually as the subscriptions came in...

If I can figure it out how to work it at E-junkie, I will use this list to send an access code for a direct download link. If not, I will send the pdf file as an attachment like I have done with the Evenstar clues.

As always, please let me know if you have any difficulties and I will do my best to work through them with you.

One way or t'other, before the end of the week, you should be walking into Mordor Khazad Dum.


Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Looking forward to that pattern!

Oops ... means I'd best order my yarn, then. Can't walk into Khazad Dum without it! ;o)

Donna Lee said...

I love the pic! I got the confirmation email but it went to my work email address. I'd prefer it to go to my home email


Thanks. I'm really looking forward to this. I have a daughter waiting impatiently. Thank goodness it's too warm for stoles/scarves of any kind here now.

Experimental Knitter said...

Would've saved Frodo a lot of trouble if that poster were true.

Jennifer H said...

I just joined your blog! :) LOVE that poster too! LOL makes me wish I could go join the fellowship...

While I don't knit, I have hopes of someday actually "getting" it! Long ago my sister tried to teach me and basically I tanked - really couldn't make sense of it. I have a friend that I will beg to teach me though! :D

Any chance at all of their being any crochet patterns to follow after the series is completed?


Susan Pandorf said...

nope sorry, I can't crochet worth a damn. Can't keep tension even so everything I do gets all wavy

Jennifer H said...


Aww that's a shame! Your patterns are so lovely too...I guess I'll just dream of knitting someday!! :D