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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Little Knowledge Goes a Long Way

Be curious always! For knowledge will not acquire you: you must acquire it.

- Sudie Back

I remember when my youngest brother lived at home for a while when he was in college. My mom was fit to be tied, because he went out so much.

She called me one morning, practically in tears, to tell me he had not come home the night before. She said (and I quote) "YOU never did anything like that.

"Actually Mom", I said, " I did exactly that. You just never knew about it because I was away from home living in the dorm."

Some things you are just better off NOT knowing. I try to remember that when I am tempted to delve too deeply into my offspring's business.

DH calls it, "ostridging." I call it stress prevention. I figure what I don't know can't hurt me and if it gets to the point where I need to know, it will become readily apparent. In fact, it will blow up so big that I trip over it, on my way to the bathroom, or the confessional, or the bank where they've run out of funds.

Not that knowledge is bad, but sometimes it is unnecessary. Do I really want to know what my adult kids are fighting over? Do I want to know what goes on behind closed doors? Do I want to know if they think I am fat, old & irrelevant? Do I look like I'm crazy?

Sufficient unto each day are the problems thereof.

At times, knowledge can be frustrating. Sometimes, you know something that others don't. Sometimes you feel you will fairly burst if you do not tell someone, anyone. Sometimes you wish they hadn't told you.

But they did.

I have been keeping a secret for my DIL and eldest son. They are going to have a baby in September, their first! We are so excited and the happy couple is really looking forward to becoming a family.

Speaking of knowledge...

Nope, sorry, can't show you pics of Evenstar, but I can fill you in on what has been happening with the Fellowship of the Ring patterns (over there on the sidebar, if you are looking to sign up)

The Dwarrowdelf stole is shaping up nicely. I have completed the back strip & am working my way down the length now. I just blocked what I have so far to ensure the crosswise piece was going to line up with the lengthwise ones.

Lothlorien is awaiting additional yarn from the fine folks at Unique Sheep - came up a little short when I got the design in place

And yesterday I cast on for a Rivendell Smoke Ring (surprise!) Not sure if this will be offered as an add on for the Fellowship or the Two Towers

I think that brings y'all up to date. Hope that is enough to satisfy your curiosity today.

A little knowledge goes a long way...


Donna Lee said...

Congratulations on becoming a grandmother again. Happy news is a good thing.

Life was much easier when my girls moved out. I still wanted to know they were safe but I didn't know what their schedules were or how late they chose to stay out (knowing they had work in the morning) so I could pretend all was well.
Do they think I'm old, fat and irrelevant? Probably sometimes. I know that I get the feeling I'm bothering them sometimes when all I want is to say HI!
Do they love me and respect my opinion? Probably sometimes. I can live with that.

And I love the way the Lorien trees are touching each other.

Unknown said...

Sometimes I think I'm old fat and irrelevant, and I'm only 42!

I agree with not prying into your children's lives, but you do fear for them and that's only natural. When they have that baby they'll realise. I found it a great leveller for me and my own mother, I think I understood her a little better afterwards.

Evenstar is coming along well, but I am almost dead with rapture over the Dwarrowdelf. I'm off to scour the posts here and on rav looking for which yarn you used - I have to have some immediately.

And contratulations grandma!