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Monday, November 2, 2009


"It is a mistake to look too far ahead. Only one link in the chain of destiny can be handled at a time."

-Winston Churchill

"Perfect planning yields predictable results."

-Scott Pandorf

After the last five days, I am inclined to side with Winnie on this one.

If you had inquired of me last Wednesday as to my plans for the rest of the week, I would have told you I was going to spend the better part of the next few days finishing up Chrysanthemum and mailing out yarn packages.

Then the plan went out the window. Scott's Uncle Dick died and the funeral was set for Friday. A quick down and back to Cincinatti.

But then Scott's brother and his wife needed a place to stay in the vicinity, so they were coming Thursday. Time to get ouot the guest towels & sheets and make up the bed. time to go to the grocery for food. time to be a good hostess.

I would still have Thursday to get ready.

Then they drove all night and arrived at 6...AM... And there went Thursday.

Aunt Dottie needed some help getting ready for the funeral, so we went early in the morning on Friday.

She needed some counsel and company on Friday afternoon and evening, so we stayed late. And there went Friday.

Glen & Denice came back up to Indy to spend another night with us. There went Saturday morning. They waited on the mail because they had something forwarded. Then I was so wrung out, I took a nap. Then I put up a very few things for sale. And there went the rest of Saturday.

We were supposed to babysit Conner on Thursday and Friday while Nick was out of town and Katherine started her new job. This was a problem since we had houseguests and a funeral to go to. We rescheduled for...wait for it...you know what's coming...

Sunday and Monday.

But I could still work a bit yesterday...after church, during the Colts game. But then our bright boy came to visit shortly after kickoff and there went Sunday.

Could have worked last night, but the friends who had planned to have us to dinner and to play cards had to come over here instead, because we had Conner.

And there went Sunday night.

So the grand sum total of work done on Chrysanthemum over the past five days is...

Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. A BIG FAT zero.


I hope all my Garden Varietals out there will bear with me and exercise patience. I will polish her up and get her out to you by end of week.

I think...

Barring further developments...

As soon as Daddy comes to pick up the wee beastie.

And I recover.

While nothing got done on Chrysantemum (beading is impossible to do in a car, while talking with relatives, watching a baby, etc.) I did make progress on some easier, less intensive projects.

scarf, hat & mittens
infinity scarf
neck warmer

details later-someone wants lunch...


Ruth said...

Your life sounds like my life. Boring it is not.

Donna Lee said...

Pretty holiday colors in that one photo.

And that darn family/life. It gets in the way every time. "woman plans and god laughs". But then you got to spend time with Conner.