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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Grandma's Little Helper

Help, I need somebody,
Help, not just anybody,
Help, you know I need someone, help.

When I was younger, so much younger than today,
I never needed anybody's help in any way.
But now these days are gone, I'm not so self assured,
Now I find I've changed my mind and opened up the doors.

Help me if you can, I'm feeling down
And I do appreciate you being round.
Help me, get my feet back on the ground,
Won't you please, please help me?


Would you believe I am finally to the end of my stash? I still have plenty to sell, but all of it is out of the attic, the extra bedroom, the cabinets, the trash bags, and sorted in my studio by gauge, ready to photograph and ship out to all you loving foster knitters out there.

Of course, I had help.

I think he shows clear promise of future fiber genius, don't you? Look at that radical color mixing!

And he R-E-A-L-L-Y gets into his work...

All tied up at the moment...


and I helped!


Donna Lee said...

Look how big he is! Thank goodness you have him to help. How would you ever get things done?

Debbie said...

Oh my gosh, he is so cute!

shelda said...

I love the tangle is it for sale theres alot of thera there.