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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Old Friends

"Make new friends,
But keep the old.
One is silver
And the other's gold."

-Girl Scout Song

It's inventory week at the Sunflower Farm, so today we will revisit some of the projects begun last winter and shelved as the temperature rose.

No need to take notes. There will be no pop quizzes...

1) A. Nonny Moose
This one will make a great autumn scarf. Done up in a rustic worsted cotton blend and an easy pattern, in progressive colors to "fall" for, it goes to the top of the retro list. the yarn is Dusk by Filatura Di Crosa.

Anybody have a good name suggestion?

2) Durum
This one has actually been through test knit already. And it will make a terrific accent piece. I love the Malabrigo Silky Merino. I just need them to make more colors, so I can amass more goodies. None of this yarn in the stash sale!

Oh no - I just went to the website and they have new colors. Check out the Atardecer!
I'm doomed...

3) Sugar Snap
Ordinarily, I might hold this one till later. The color just screams "Spring!"

You can hear it too, right? Or am I the only yarn-whisperer here?

But I know lots of you are waiting on it. So up the queue she goes. The yarn is Fibre Co. Canopy: a luscious light blend of wool and bamboo that knits up like a dream. No tugging on your stitches. This yarn is really good for manipulation like cables and lace.

4) Diamond Girl
This one will probably move up the list by virtue of the fact that she is a beaded design that I can give to Ellen at Earthfaire, Connie at Pick Up Sticks, and the good people at Colorsong. So many of my beaded designs are exclusive to Knitty Noddy. Others are always in the hunt for more patterns. This little beauty is knit in Handmaiden's Silk Twist in Stardust.

5) Rouen
This first entry in the Cathedral Collection will definitely hit the market this winter. This series is a long term project. I am aiming for one release a year. All of these will be knit in the silky merino, which is tucked in all nice and dry in my seriously diminished stash cabinets.

If you want to read all about the series, go here.

These next two are cabled designs in Rowan organic wool, which evidently didn't do too well. I don't see it in this year's offerings. Too bad! This fibre is naturally dyed in such soft shades and the stitch definition is superb. Snap some up while you still can...

6) Horsetail

7) Anybody? Bueller? Bueller? Anybody?

hmm...maybe I SHOULD call it Bueller...

The last three designs are probably late winter/early spring projects. The colors are icy pastels to liven up all your charcoal grays when you feel like winter will never end...

8) Ziggle
done up in Blue Sky Alpaca Silk

9) Evening Violets
Another silky merino pattern.

And last but not least...

10) Eddies
A quiet lace pattern of watery ripples, done up in Canopy in the most intriguing shade of purplish, pinkish gray called river Dolphin.

I am exhibiting great self control here, people. This is one of my absolute favorite designs. Would love to knit all day and night and wear it next week...

Old friends...golden indeed...getting itchy fingers...time to knit...

Tomorrow: Recent Acquaintances.

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