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Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Obsessions

"To have long term success as a coach or in any position of leadership, you have to be obsessed in some way."
- Pat Riley

1) Pillowtop
The yarn is Isager Alpaca 2. Yummy stuff and a wide variety of colors. the stitch makes neat little bubbles, divided by ribbing that waves back and forth between the bubbles. Cool!

2) Unnamed Lace Scarf
Yarn is more of the JoJoland Melody in a gorgeous wash of blues & purples.

3) Wispy
Lace triangular shawl with beaded bottom edge. Isager Alpaca 2 again.

4) Skylark
Another triangular shawl design in Isager Wool 1. Wanted something that resembled wings and a natural bird like color.

5) Green Mosaic Ruana
Noro Kureyon and a leafy motif. Needs a larger gauge needle - too dense. Stay tuned.

6) Traveling Music
A cabled design in Marks & Katten Eco Ull. Got some more in a darker beige to do matching mitts. Want to do bedsocks and a hat too-maybe grey?
Then we'll just let the snow fly while we cozy up by the fire...

7) Unnamed
The yarn is Mountain Colors Mountain Goat in Cedar. I'm off to order more.

It seems like there was something else...

Oh yeah...

8) Chrysanthemum
October installment in the Garden Variety Collection. This triangular beaded shawl is resplendent in Handmaiden Seasilk - color: Origin. The beads are dark topaz and I have little topaz leaf beads coming in the mail any day now.

I hope you have enjoyed this week's review. Now it is time for me to get down to work.

Thank you for taking my designs into your hands, your hearts, and your homes. You are all a tremendous blessing in my life.


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Megan said...

drool......I love seeing what you come up with =)