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Monday, August 31, 2009

Blues Power

"Bet you didn't think I knew how to rock 'n' roll.
Oh, I got the boogie-woogie right down in my very soul.

There ain't no need for me to be a wallflower,
'Cause now I'm living on blues power.

I knew all the time but now I'm gonna let you know:
I'm gonna keep on rocking, no matter if it's fast or slow.
Ain't gonna stop until the twenty-fifth hour,
'Cause now I'm living on blues power."

- Eric Clapton and Leon Russell

I got the blues...

But that ain't bad!

After many permutations, she is finally complete!


the garden variety collection


SIZE: 18 inches wide by 72 inches long

MATERIALS: 2 skeins (874 yds.) Handmaiden Sea Silk or Mini Maiden in color: Periwinkle

4500 size 8 Miyuke seed or delica beads

matte opalescent cobalt AB

Size 3 (US) needles

Cable Needle, Size 12 Crochet Hook, Large Eye Beading Needle

GAUGE: Delphinium lace panel = 3 inches wide (blocked)

Stole is knit in two pieces and grafted at the back.
Design features three delphinium panels of overlapping "blooms" separated by beaded columns of fagoting and a nifty little three stitch arrow motif.

This arrow motif is transformed into an allover beaded pattern on the ends of the stole, which wave gracefully in a scalloped hem. This section is repeated at the center back of the stole, where it helps camouflage the join.

I hope you enjoy this pattern; she was a little ornery at the outset - didn't want to show herself, but in the end, I'm very happy with how she turned out. I photographed her laid out on the front deck of the lake house. She looks cool and summery and light - just like her inspiration.

My grandmother, who built the lake cottage, used to garden where our yard now stands. I remember the tall spires of her beloved delphiniums so well. It is only fitting that I completed the design while here overlooking the spot where once her garden bloomed.

Have a lovely Labor Day weekend. I know I will.


Carol said...

She is most beautimous. Bravo!!!!
Have a lovely time at the lake, it sounds wonderful.

denisecopeland said...

Exquisite.....and spot on!

Rabbitknitz said...

Beautiful! The end result definitely demonstates the old adage that persistance pays off.

LaceLady said...

Got my pattern - LOVE IT! I have a very similar story about delphiniums, grams~mom, and it is on the needles! Thanks for another gorgeous piece of art!

Robby said...

Must hurry with my current project so I can move on to THIS! Gorgeous stuff this.