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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Everything's Coming Up Roses

You'll be swell! You'll be great!
Gonna have the whole world on the plate!
Starting here, starting now,
honey, everything's coming up roses!


Actually finished this one up on Thursday night, but we had a little visitor over the weekend, which made it tough to get anything done. Pattern has been available at Knitty Noddy and Ravelry since Friday, but is just now posting here...

Well, not exactly here...

Over there>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

We had lots of fun with the grandson, but...

WHEW...I'm bushed!

So today, Grandma goes back on the shelf and Pandosu makes her reappearance...

I know what you want, so here she is!

a garden variety pattern

18 inches wide by 72 inches long

2 skeins (874 yds.) Handmaiden Sea Silk or Mini Maiden in color: Rose
6500 size 8 Miyuke seed beads
#0367 – garnet lined ruby
Size 3 (US) needles
Cable Needle, Size 12 Crochet Hook

rose lace panel = 2 and 1/2 inches wide (blocked)


This one is time consuming. I won't lie to you. She is incredibly detailed, with a 36 row repeat. The detail is difficult to see in these pictures. I recommend clicking on the pics to view full size.

The pattern features a combination of rose leaf lace with a twisted stitch rosebud motif. Each panel alternates between the two.

Stole is edged in a beaded chevron panel that repeats at the center back. Rose is knitted in two pieces and grafted at the back.

A rose by any other name might be as sweet, but she wouldn't be a Garden Variety pattern...

Lame - I know, but this is one tired Grandma talking writing...

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madonnaearth said...

Wow...I think you've outdone yourself, again! That is some serious beadwork; awesome!