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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hydrangea Stole Errata

On Chart C, row 45:

Center stitch should be a knit symbol, NOT a SK2P.


OK, Now see, this is what happens when you have someone test knit the scarf but not the stole…

When I divided the B chart in two, so I could fit it on the page, I inadvertently deleted one repeat of the chart. (When I do this, I have to copy the chart and one by one, delete the bottom rows on one of the copies, and the top rows on the other.)

My face is very red… I have also posted errata on the pattern page, and put a new chart on Ravelry’s free download page . I am so sorry to be the cause of your un-happy knitting today!!!!

Here is a new chart B2 for those of you without access to Ravelry. I think you can right click on it and save a copy to your computer, then enlarge if necessary.

Of course, you should remember you are talking to the woman who couldn't figure out how to program the computerized thermostat...


Megan said...

I knew having too many projects on the needles would eventually be a good thing =) thanks for the update. p.s. I can't program the thermostat either =)

fleegle said...

Thanks for this! And do let me know if I can help out with technical problems. I am afraid I am a nerd-ette.