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Thursday, September 4, 2008


"Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light."

- Theodore Roethko

SIZE: 60 in wide by 23 in long
(at center back)

600 yards Handmaiden Sea Silk or Mini Maiden
4000 size 8/0 seed beads
45 ladybug beads
Prototype knit with Pale Autumn Sea Silk and Miyuke beads 8-0140 – Matte red orange
Size 3 (US) needles, stitch markers, size 14 or 16 crochet hook (for beading) tapestry needle, beading needle, & stitch holder
GAUGE: each small petal motif = 1 inch

It may be the tail end of summer, but out here on the Sunflower farm, things are still blooming.
Zinnia is bright and cheery as the flower she is named for. This fourth installment in the Garden Variety Series is a semi-circular shawl, designed with an overlapping petal pattern, bordered by leaves and lacy openwork. Cunning little ladybug beads add a delightful touch of whimsy to this graceful design.
Here are a few links for lady bug beads. You can find a lot of different versions. I got mine at my local bead store.

Remember, only those who have purchased all the patterns (from Evelyn at Knitty Noddy or me) will receive the free Poinsettia pattern, for which Handmaiden is dyeing a special exclusive color.
Next up? Sunflower...
You hold your light deep in your roots today also, ok?


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La Cabeza Grande said...

Another beautiful addition to the Sunflower Garden!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful item - this Zinnia shawl. I have to show it to my friend who is a ladybird nut!